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Down With Entertainment Essay

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Entertainment dates back as far as the nineteenth century and will exist throughout society everyday. In modern society, avoiding entertainment becomes inevitable due to the many forms of entertainment. The different forms of entertainment create diverse outcomes in people’s lives and Neal Gabler, author of Life the Movie: How Entertainment Conquered Reality, claims that entertainment generates a negative impact on society. Many people disagree with Gabler and do not believe that the root of a ruined society stems from entertainment. On the other hand, Gabler’s theory, entertainment having the capacity to ruin society, can be proven by modern-day society and disastrous historic events.
Entertainment has the capability to ruin society because of modern day technology found in the average household. Throughout decades of advancements in technology, entertainment increases greatly. The types of entertainment that emerged from new-found technology can be described as: pointless, demeaning, and unnecessary. For example, in 2009, Jersey Shore, a television show, aired its first episode on MTV. It starred multiple cast members going to bars and having their idea of fun. Teenagers fall in love with the show, but the show lacks purpose or meaning and the only thing accomplished by Jersey Shore is the amount of teenagers it influences to drink. There are other problems with entertainment on television besides shows and movies. Between certain shows and movies, commercials interrupt and although many do not like to watch commercials, it is still considered a form of entertainment. Commercials have to power to “poison the springs of domestic happiness” because commercials similar to Victoria’s Secret and Cover Girl portray an idealist perfect woman which effects the health and confidence of the women watching the commercial. This effects domestic happiness because it sets off a chain reaction - once the heart of the home is damaged, the walls come falling down, and all that is left is broken bits of what used to be a happy family.
Another type of entertainment modern-day society enjoys is music and although music has been around for quite some time, the music in this era has a shortage of depth and meaning. There are plenty of famous artists known for their tremendous influence on their followers, Justin Bieber being one of them. In January of 2013, a photograph of Justin Bieber inhaling marijuana was leaked into...

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