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Downfalls Of Starting A New Job

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After getting out of high school, no one realizes how much of a difference there is between school and work. Most people just want out of school to get a job and have money. But they don't understand that when someone starts a new job there are more downfalls than pluses due to more bills, more worries about transportation, and more responsibility.When I was in high school, I used to complain about never having money. Now that I am graduated and have a full time job, the money situation hasn't changed. The only thing that has is that I have more bills to pay now. Living on your own brings about more bills than I was used to when I was living at home. Right now I currently am living away from home with my fiance. Even though we split the bills I am paying for things I have never paid for before. I am now paying for things like the cable bill, the grocery bill, and my own car insurance.Having to worry about paying more bills includes worrying about your work transportation. When you are used to living at home and your parents paying for insurance and giving you money for gas, living by yourself puts a lot of pressure on things. You have to make yourself be more careful, not to get in a wreck or hit an animal that may jeopardize your way to work. Hitting a deer the other day made me realize that not only is it my responsibility to get my vehicle fixed but also to be at work even though my car will...

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