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The year is 2187, the government rules and we follow the them like sheep. I am Rebelletrix Dux and I am sixteen years old. I live in Imperium, a city run by the government and we have no independence. In fairytales I have read about times where people had the right to vote and to decide what to do with their lives, the government doesn’t determine everyones every move. That is what I want, but instead we have Imperium. When you come of age the army comes to your home and shoves you into a white truck. From there they take you to some secret location no one is meant to know about and...well I don’t know what happens next, but I will soon. My coming of age celebration is tomorrow and and the truck will come for the the day after next. Most people are scared, anxious, worried etc. I however, am excited. This is where my plan finally comes into action. I have no mother or father like people do in the fairytales, I live with a Robot controlled to look after me. Everyone in Imperium does, because the oldest anyone ever gets in Imperium is sixteen then they are taken away. I don’t know where all the adults are, maybe they are still alive, living in a different city, maybe they don’t even know about us. Maybe they already have kids and we are just the rejects. Wherever they are, I am going to find them.
I just finished my shift at Impers fish shop when a white truck pulls up in front of me. This can’t be right they are meant to come for me in two days, not now! Two Robots open the door and try to grab me. No way are they going to take me away, not without a fight. just as they are about to grab me I shove out my foot and kick them down. I then jump on top of the first one and smash his face in. sparks fly out from broken wires and the robot starts to malfunction. I only have a few seconds before it blows up. I quickly dive towards the truck and hide behind it. BOOM! The robot explodes destroying the other Robot with it. This is my chance I only have a five minute gap before reinforcements come. I run over to the Robot that has taken less damage and insert a flash drive I stole from the school library that has been hidden in my shoe, into a slot in his head. Immediately the flash drive starts downloading all the information from the robots brain. If you think that I didn’t just suddenly decided to attack, but have been practicing for this moment for years, well then you’re right. Ever since I was old enough to walk Genitrix, my Robot, has taught me all I needed to know about Imperium. Genitrix malfunctioned when I was just born. She started to develop emotions and with all of the information in her head about what Imperium was doing and how wrong it was she decided to fight back. Of course one Robot can’t go up against a city by itself, but Genitrix knew that a human could. Genitrix has trained me in all areas, whether it is hacking a computer or killing a human, I am ready.
Download complete please remove flash drive. As soon as I removed...

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