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Download I Os7 Beta Back To I Os6

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Curiosity and the itch to have the latest version of any product is a tendency with human nature. People are in a dilemma when they find they are not comfortable with the new product or with the upgrade to the product and wish to get back to their earlier modes. iOS7 was unveiled in June 2013 at the company’s 2013 Worldwide Developers Conference.
Since the time Apple announced the beta version of its iOS7, many iPhone and iPad users have been updating their gadgets with the new iOS7. This has led to confusion and chaos as people panicked when they faced with small issues. Beta version is normally meant to test for bugs and snags and is mainly to be used by developers to test its software compatibility. But the features in iOS 7 lured many a customer to try and upgrade their devices. A few of the features in the new iOS 7 include a sleeker and modern look. The other important features are
1.: Apple has updated all its apps with multi tasking features. All the apps will run in the background for the users to change apps when required. This helps iOS to learn the maximum used apps.
2. The settings menu has many features like Bluetooth, mute, brightness control that will now have to be dragged from the bottom instead of the top.
3. Notification centre is now available in the lock screen that gives one their daily activities, appointments and any updates.
4. You can select your friends and make a list. Air Drop will send the content accordingly through Wi-Fi or cellular data.
5. The camera has four modes of video, normal, square and panorama. One can switch from one mode to the other with a swipe.
6. The browser Safari will be faster with simplifies search system and a new browser tab interface based on rotating tiles. Has enhanced parental control and saves passwords.
7. Siri the virtual assistant is much improved. Now it can hook straight to Twitter, Bing, and Wikipedia. Has both male and female voices and available in new languages.
8. Apple has brought streaming radio music player similar to Pandora or Spotify. It is free to users and is for music discovery.
9. Apple will ensure all apps are updated automatically without any backlog.
There are a few problems that...

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