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Downloading And Streaming: An Obstacle For Recording Companies

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The act of downloading and streaming music is creating an obstacle for major recording companies to recruit and develop new talent; whether the talent is songwriting, composing, engineering, or being the upcoming new artist. Most would think that having free access to music any time they wanted would be the answer to music consumers’ prayers, all while not thinking about the millions of dollars major recording companies are losing each year do to the fact that consumers no longer have to kick out a few bucks to hear their favorite songs over and over again. While it is the answer for some, other music consumers who are like me, a new talent pushing to make a successful career in music, are actually diminishing the opportunities of making our dream a reality one download at time.

Whether it is illegally downloading or streaming music online, it is all causing mayhem to the music industry. According to The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), “The availability of free music has cost the music industry $12.5 billion in economic losses.” The RIAA emphasizes how music consumers are putting less money into the music industry now that free access to music is available via Internet. Some consumers may oppose this due to the fact that artists who are famous and well established are able to continue increasing their bank accounts while living the lives of everyone’s dreams, but what some don’t know is that consumers having free access to music don’t have much of a negative affect on a popular artist at all. According to the article, ‘RIAA Accounting: Why Even Major Label Musicians Rarely Make Money From Album Sales’ by Mike Masnick, “…for every $1,000 sold, the average musician gets $23.40”, and hundreds of thousands of that musician’s album are usually sold with in the first week. Lets not forget the outside income from other famous endorsements such as clothing brands, alcoholic beverages, fragrance and cosmetics, etc.; the remaining dollars profited from just the...

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