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Downloading Music And Movies Harm The Artist

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Music and movie is manmade and not spontaneously created downloading them illegally, the artists will be discouraged and will not produce more music. The musician’s talent are abused since they are not paid for it. Producing a movie is expensive, artists spend time and money to produce a single movie or music, so watching or downloading it without paying money will destroy the artist career and it will not make the artist rich. Everybody should learn to pay for the entertainment that they get from watching a movie or listening to music. It is true that people may save money from illegal downloading, it also hurts a lot of other people like those who create the music. Because of illegal ...view middle of the document...

It might hurt music creators in the financial aspect; however, it could spread the culture influence into the next generation people in the developing countries. This kind of impact cannot be measured in terms of the finance or morality. Although only the few recording artists and producers are harmed by illegal downloading, most people take advantage of and benefit from it.
Cost of a product should be product cost] is the primary concern for the majority of people in the society. Recent research at Harvard University demonstrates that cost is the most important factor for the middle class while they are shopping. Illegal downloading enables people to enjoy music for free; therefore, this makes many people more satisfied. Moreover, original prices of music products are not reasonable and many people cannot afford to buy products with original prices, original products. Music is seen as a kind of basic needs, so there should not be sole trade in this industry. Elsa Tore’s, teacher at a public high school, complains about the lack of control on prices in music industry. Due to the fact that, most of the music downloaders assert that there is nothing wrong about illegal downloading except [for] the word “illegal.” Unaffordable cost of the music products are the main reason for them for downloading music and because of that morally they do not feel themselves guilty.
Just as the English proverb goes "there are two sides to every coin.” there might be some people who take the opposite view and say that due to the illegal downloading, which is a kind of stealing for them, music companies may not financially stand on their feet. Many people including artists work for music producers. These employers may not get their salary if their company does not earn money from its products.
Thus, many people working in music industry might lose their jobs. It can be partly reasonable, but music industry does not survive only with “highly expensive products sold to individuals. There are other ways they can make profit’s, such as advertisements. Music downloaders might be pretty sympathetic to watch or listen to commercial advertisements before they download and enjoy their music. For instance, Alice Kate, junior university student at Columbia University, states that she never downloads movies using peer to peer file sharing software, instead she watches movies online with advertisements at official websites and similar to this if it will be possible she would be happy and morally felt better to listen some advertisements before downloading music.
A recent financial research says that the sale for the music CD’s or DVD’s has been dropping for years. This phenomenon indicates that consumer’s habit for listening to the music is changing. There are several reasons why those consumers change [in] their habits for listening to the music. The first reason is that downloading music become easier through peer-to-peer (P2P) networks. The second reason is that music...

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