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Downside Of Technology Use Essay

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Technology has been a part of the human race since the very beginning. We are all always looking for an easier way to accomplish something. In the last 200 years technology has made several Improvements. With all the advances technology has it has become important in almost every aspect of our lives. We use technology in education, communication, organization, banking and recreation. Most people do not realize how much they depend on technology to get through every day life but every thing is now hedged on it. If something was to happen and we lost all our technology over night our entire country would be completely lost. It does make our lives allot easier in some aspects but are its effects on the people of our country really worth it?
The use of technology has become more and more common, almost every household has some form of technology, this drastically effects several areas of society in positive ways, including education. Many students not only have computers to help them with their schoolwork, while teachers use technology to better their lessons. Classes have become more versatile through all the advances you can now take college courses on line at home or at your high school if you have access to the right technology. Students have better communication with teachers, do most of their work and research via internet. The development of technologies like wireless Internet, text messaging and smartphones have completely transformed the way people keep contact with each other. For example my mom’s best friend from college lives in Indiana, they would not be able to talk to each other as often if it weren't for all the advances in technology. There are loads of apps out there that have been invented special for your so called “smart” phone that are actually meant to help keep our lives somewhat organized.Technology is also changing the banking industry. Online banking and electronic payment systems allow customers to check their balance and the development and of these technologies is resulting in a more efficient banking system. These are just a few things technology has made easier, the list is way longer than any one really cares to type.
We see a number of positive effects of technology used in the daily lives of people every where and in many fields, however, not every one thinks about its downsides. Technology has done away with relations between family members. Every one is so caught up in their own little world of video games, Televisions, computers, tablets, and smart phones that they forget to spend time with each other the days of eating at the table together or setting at the table and playing board games are almost lost. People in this day and time are more wired now then ever obsessed with having the new phone that’s out or other new devises. Technology is helpful for...

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