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Dr. Benjamin McLane Spock was born on May 2, 1903. Dr. Spock was an American pediatrician and author of The Common Sense Book on Baby and Child Care. His book has been sold around the world and translated into 42 languages. Dr. Spock wanted parents everywhere to just go with their common sense, because he believed that it was the right and proper way to care for children. Dr. Spock made a lasting impact on mothers everywhere. Many say that Dr. Spock’s book is second best to the Bible in popularity. Generation after generation is being raised off of Dr. Spock’s beliefs and customs.
Dr. Spock is the oldest of 6 siblings and was born into a prosperous family in New Haven Connecticut. Dr. Spock’s father was a lawyer and his mother had a distinguished background. Spock ended up attending Yale University in 1921. At Yale, Dr. Spock met the love of his life Jane Cheney. Dr. Spock was in the Paris Olympics in 1924 where he won the gold medal for the United States in rowing crew. Benjamin Spock went to Yale Medical School in hopes of becoming a children’s doctor. After Spock got married he transferred to Columbia’s College of Physicians and Surgeons in New York, where he graduated as the top of his class.
As Spock worked with children as a pediatrician, he learned that a lot of the questions most parents asked were related back to psychological issues. This made Spock believe that all pediatricians should have some background knowledge on psychology. Soon Dr. Spock believed that it was better encourage the children, rather than have a harsh, rigid, and moralistic approach like many parents try to take. Dr. Spock wanted to change the child-rearing practices of America. Benjamin thought what better way to get his ideas across to the world than a book. In his book, Spock wanted to emphasize positive, commonsense, practical advice. Dr. Spock to limit the stress mothers put on their self to be a better mother for the children from infancy to puberty. Benjamin Spock wanted to change the way children were brought up and to correct all the wrongs he had experienced as a child from his own parents.
When the book was introduced mothers for all over the world thought it was amazing. Dr. Spock turned into a national phenomenon, because of his advice to mothers that they can and should trust their own...

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