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Dr. Faustus For Dummys Essay

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This story is not like any other story; Dr. Faustus was a man who basically got bored with the way things were being taken care of such as law, religion and logic. He decides he wants to learn how to do magic but he needs help doing so, he has friends teach him black magic, when he is finally skilled enough he summoned a demon named Mephistopheles. This demon explains to Dr. Faustus about the treacherous things about hell but Dr. Faustus ignores them and goes and tells Mephistopheles to ask Lucifer to accept his deal. Mephistopheles returns with the news and Dr. Faustus signs the deal in blood. Many would say Marlowe’s play is about sin and knowledge, but its more just about Faustus being a jokester and that there is nothing intelligent about him.

The author described Dr. Faustus as a man who was bored with his work who did every sin there such as gluttony to sloth. After he committed the sins he gets into magic, using his magic abilities he ...view middle of the document...

With his new found power Faustus begins his spell as being a jokester and starts to mess with everything he can find, for example, a knight starts to somewhat confront him and using his powers Faustus makes antlers grow from the knights head, he also goes to Rome and ruins the popes banquet. As the years pass by Faustus knows his death is coming and he starts to remorse for the deal he made, he has the demon summon a woman named Helen and he tries to get her to seduce the scholars so they will help him repent, but this fails and he just drives the scholars away. Faustus and Helen eventually start to talk and then he ends up committing the greatest sin of demonality, which is sex with a demon. As his final day draws nearer and nearer he tries to repent furiously but it is too late, at midnight the demons come and take is body to hell with only his limbs left on earth.
I do not agree with what Faustus has done simply because he committed one of the greatest sins. We all sin in some shape or form and we should all repent and ask forgiveness but his sins were unforgivable. You cannot simply commit demonality and abuse your power like he did and be scared of your fate when you knew it was coming. “Traditionally, damnation had been understood as a logical necessity of divine love, yet the defining characteristic of God in Dr. Faustus is not love but overwhelming power” He knew exactly what he was getting into when he signed the deal with his own blood. But I do think if he would have acted on his conscious and asked for forgiveness before he signed the deal and not right when his last days were coming, then god would have forgiven him. The power and greed is just too much for some people and Faustus is a prime example.
After reading this story I realized that some people in this world will do whatever it takes to achieve total power, domination and unlimited abilities. This is something that no one should strive to do as Faustus did but then have regrets and second thoughts about it once it is too late. Faustus could have been a hero in this story if he would have rethought the deal and refused like he should have, he had the potential to stop anybody in the same situation from him and join god and his angels in the fight against Lucifer.

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