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Dr Harvey Essay

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Dear Harvey Milk I have watched every move you have made in the last few months. I have watched every thing from your beginning to the tragic end. Can I just tell you that I am so proud of you for being able to come out and not only just come out, you made something of it. I personally have nothing wrong with people that are gay. But I do know that there are people out there that totally despise the idea of two men in the act of love. I loved your camera shop. I went almost every weekend. It made me a tad uncomfortable ...view middle of the document...

It seemed like everyone loved you, the whole world. Well, I guess there was the few that hated everything about you but there were triple the people that loved you so its OK. I guess that's what I thought. Know I know that there are people out there that have the anger inside to do something drastic like kill you. Dan White what an evil man. Everyone just wants a piece of him. No one will ever get that chance because just a week ago they let him out of jail and one of the first things he did was kill him self. The only reason that he got out is because he clamed that he ate to many twinkies so his brain wasn't working right. Who says that! I mean what jury in their right mind would believe such a stupid thing. Well obviously this one because Dan was let free. I was thinking maybe one day I would try eating some twinkies maybe a whole box and see if I go crazy. Do you think it would work? Of course it wouldn't work!!! What has this world come too? Anyway the time has come to put you to rest in my world. I miss hearing about your heroic tasks and all you have done for the gay community. I envied your life and hope your after life is just as successful. Bye!

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