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Dr. Josef Mengele And His Medical Experiments In The Holocaust Concentration Camps

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Dr. Josef Mengele was born on March 16, 1911 to his parents Karl and Walburga Mengele. He was the eldest child of three boys. He studied at Munich for Philosophy and studied at Frankfurt University for Medicine. In 1935 he was dismissed from Frankfurt University due to discrepancies in his racial views. He became apart of the Nazi party in the year of 1937. One year later he decided to join the S.S. (Schutzstaffelor Protection Squad). He married Irene Schonbein in 1939 and had one son named Rolf. After five years of being together he divorced her and married his late brothers wife Martha Mengele.
After being injured in 1942 he was dismissed from the S.S. and decided to volunteer at a ...view middle of the document...

The mother was immediately killed in a gas chamber, while the children were subjected to further experimentation.
Dr. Josef would do various things to twins including the Guttman twins. Each set of twins would all be examined carefully from their heads to their toes. Exact measurements of everything were to be obtained from each twin by doctors. Many times he attempted to sew children together by the veins in order to create Siamese twins, and sometimes the kids he would sew together would not even be twins, just random children that he had picked. After sewing them together he would sometimes try and transfuse the bloods together or take the blood of one and put it all in the other.
Other times he would give them a sort of pain tolerance test. He would strap them, named, to a medical table and wheel them outside in the freezing cold and see how long they would last in the harsh weather. He would also take them from the outside if they had not died already and place them in a warm bathtub. Many children died from shock during this test because their body was so cold and went so fast to being warm it couldn't handle the pulse/feeling of it.
During many of the surgeries, as part of torturing the child, he would not use anesthesia during the procedure. Instead the child had to suffer through the pain and try and make it out alive.
Injections of many different types of stimuli were injected into the children and women and Auschwitz. He would make the injections using sex change solutions, lethal germs, organs and limbs of deceased.
Gas vans were used to kill many Jews during the Holocaust. The Jews were told...

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