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Dr. Joseph Henry Wythe's Path To Success

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Dr. Joseph Henry Wythe (1822-1901) was born in Manchester, England on March 19, 1822, the son of Joseph Wythe and Mary Chamberlain. In 1832, JH Wythe accompanied his parents to America, and began his education in the private schools of Philadelphia where the family had settled. Through his own efforts and supplemented by private instruction, he became proficient in the natural sciences and the languages of Greek, Hebrew and Latin. In 1842, JH Wythe became an ordained Methodist minister at the early age of nineteen. Two years later, in 1844, he received the honorary degree of Master in Arts (M. A.) from Dickinson College Seminary, Carlisle Pennsylvania. .22 Two years later, in 1850, JH ...view middle of the document...

He next settled in Oakland California, and in 1872 became Professor of Microscopy and Histology in the Medical College of the Pacific, San Francisco, which would eventually become Cooper Medical College of San Francisco in 1882.
In July of 1879, Dr. JH Wythe attended the gathering of the California Sunday School Assembly in Pacific Grove where he served as one of the original founders of the California Branch of the CLSC. For nine consecutive years (1880-1888), Dr. Wythe would instruct the course “Marine Zoology with the Use of a Microscope” to participants of the Pacific Coast Assembly of the Chautauqua Literary and Scientific Circle, held each summer in Pacific Grove, California.
As described by Lucy M Washburn in the Pacific School Journal, Volume 4, (1880): We were fortunate in our instructors. The lectures on Zoological Biology, by Dr. J. H. Wythe, of Oakland, were as fascinating as the rock-pool aquaria in which we could watch the lower orders of life that he described — bristling echinoids, sprawling star-fish, or flower-like sea-anemones. Dr. Wythe's magnificent microscope was the treasure of the session, giving us glimpses into a new world. So fine an instrument is rare indeed. 24
Dr. Joseph H. Wythe would continue to contribute to the Pacific Coast Assembly beyond 1888, providing a lecture titled “Beneficent Results of Disease "25 for the Assembly of 1889 and a lecture about microscopic research on the structure of human blood.26
Dr. JH Wythe was described as little round man, full of energy, a splendid teacher with a charming personality and an excellent gift for free hand drawing at the blackboard with colored chalk with which he illustrated his lectures on histology. In the community in which he lived, he was best known as a surgeon, and although much of his work was done in the pre-antiseptic era, he was very successful as an operator. He did a great deal of abdominal surgery, performing hysterectomy for fibroids, ovariotomy, and other major operations, and still he found time to occupy the pulpit on Sunday morning many times during each year.27
Dr. JH Wythe authored numerous books, including “The Microscopist, a Complete Manual on the Use of the Microscope” (1851), which went through several editions; “Curiosities of the Microscope” (1852), “Physician's Pocket Dose and Prescription Book” (1852), “The Trinitarian Faith. A Sermon,” (1864), “Women in the Christian Ministry” (1874), “The Microscopist: A Manual Of Microscopy And...

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