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Dr. Margret Jean Watson Essay

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Nursing theorist Dr. Margret Jean Watson grew up in Welch, West Virginia where she was the youngest out of eight children (Marriner-Tomey & Alligood, 2006). Once she graduated high school she married Douglas Watson and then moved to Colorado (Marriner-Tomey & Alligood, 2006). Once she moved her and her husband had two daughters one named Julie and the other named Jennifer. Between her two daughters Dr. Watson has five grandchildren (Marriner-Tomey & Alligood, 2006). Even after Mr. Watson’s death in 1998, Dr. Watson continues to live in Boulder, Colorado and is currently writing several nursing books regarding her theory (Marriner-Tomey & Alligood, 2006).
Dr. Watson has had a lot of educational and professional advancements throughout her life. After graduating high school she attended the Lewis Gale School of Nursing in Roanoke, Virginia and graduated in 1961 (Marriner-Tomey & Alligood, 2006). Once she got established in Colorado she got her baccalaureate degree in 1964 and went on to get her master’s degree in psychiatric-mental health nursing in 1966 at the Boulder campus (Marriner-Tomey & Alligood, 2006). After obtaining her masters Dr. Watson continued her education and got her doctorates in educational psychology and counseling in 1973 at Boulder’s Graduate School (Marriner-Tomey & Alligood, 2006). After her doctorial graduation Dr. Watson joined the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center in Denver as part of the school’s faculty and went on to become the school’s dean from 1983 through 1990 (Marriner-Tomey & Alligood, 2006). Dr. Watson has been honored by many universities and one of which she was honored was by the University of Colorado School of Nursing in 1992 with a distinguished professor of nursing honor (Marriner-Tomey & Alligood, 2006). In 1998, Dr. Watson was honored again by being recognized as a Distinguished Nurse Scholar by the New York University. The same year Dr. Watson was also honored by receiving the Fetzer Institute’s National Norman Cousins Award (Marriner-Tomey & Alligood, 2006). Presently, Dr. Watson is an occasional speaker on her nursing theory at many universities throughout the United States (Marriner-Tomey & Alligood, 2006).
Dr. Watson’s theory is the Theory of Transpersonal Caring explores the human care relationship with regard for the entire person and the universe that is involved in nursing care (Marriner-Tomey & Alligood, 2006). Her theory consists of ten main carative factors. The carative factors are the formation of a human-altruistic system of values, the instillation of faith-hope, the cultivation of sensitivity to one’s self and others, the development of helping-trust relationship, the promotion and acceptance of the expression of positive and negative feelings, the systemic use of the scientific problem solving method for decision making, the promotions of transpersonal teaching-learning, the provision of supportive, protective, and corrective mental, physical, societal, and spiritual...

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