Dr. Mengele: The Angel Of Death

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The holocaust was a horrible time in Germany where millions of people were killed simply for not being Aryan. The group responsible for this was called the Nazis led by a man of the name Adolf Hitler. Hitler’s main target was the Jews, in fact the Nazis were responsible for the killing of 6 million Jews, which is known as one of the largest genocides ever. The way this was done was by taking the Jews to places called concentration camps where they would be kept, tortured and eventually killed by being put into gas chambers. The conditions of these camps were horrible. People had to sleep on top of each other and minimal food was supplied. The results of this was that people died by just being there because they caught a disease. Not only were the conditions bad but people were tortured, beaten and starved. The Nazis put a whole new meaning to the word cruelty. One of the cruelest things the Nazis did was use the Jews for experiments, where people were basically test dummies for Dr. Mengele, who was the head Nazi doctor and referred to as the “angel of death.”
When first getting to the concentration camp of Auschwitz, the most popular one of them all, Mengele would be given a role in the selection process where people entering the camps were picked based on their physical appearance if they could work or should be gassed and killed. Mengele’s role in this was to look for the perfect test subjects for his experiments. These subjects were then taken somewhere else and the rest, who were not chosen, were actually saved from the torture that these people received. Although they were not tortured by Nazis, they were definitely tortured by Mengele in the form of experiments, which is actually thought of as worse than torture. Mengele main test subjects were twins, dwarfs, children and anyone with a genetic disorder. Twins were his favorite because they shared the same genetics so he would manipulate one twin and then study the effects of the other. After conducting his experiments, the twins would then be murdered and parts of them were dissected and shipped off for more research.
Many would say Dr. Mengele’s level of cruelty was very close to Hitler’s. He was extremely mentally ill. He was so sick in the head that he was able to talk to the children acting very nice as if he would never hurt him. Many of the children actually liked him, but then when the next day came around and he performed his cruel experiments on them by injecting them with some kind of poison or even sending them to the gas chambers, they came to the realization that he was not who they thought he was. Clearly Dr. Mengele did not have any remorse for anyone otherwise he would not have acted the way he did. It is amazing that someone could act one way towards someone and then be totally the opposite without feeling bad one bit. This is a perfect example of what most Nazis were like. No one in their right mind can kill someone based on their race, and not feel bad about...

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