"Dr. Strange Love": Why Did Kubrik Use Comedy To Film The Movie?

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Stanley Kubrick's 1964 motion picture "Dr. Strangelove" or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb.As we all know that when the script for the movie was first written it was not a funny, but a very serious movie about nuclear disaster in which every leaving creature on thisplanet would die. However when the director Stanley Kubrick began to film, things have changed. It was decided that it should be a comedy, a parody about nuclear war. Now the question arises why would they change it?In 1964 when the movie was filmed Cold War was at its peak, Cuban Missile crisis were just over and people were still in a shock. We have to take into consideration that people during those days had nothing to joke about, because any moment "Ruskis" might come and nuke America. I think that Stanley Kubrick did a right decision by changing the movie from a serious genre to a comedy. I think the reason was that people were already enough scared and paranoid about nuclear war, also making a serious movie would only make things worse. Let's picture our selves in 1964, do we really want to see how one day we can all die and not be saved by Bruce Willis or George Clooney? I don't think so, especially at those times. People don't like to talk about horrible things that can happen or what can go wrong, so I believe that one of the reasons why the script of the movie was changed is because otherwise no one would have seen it, or...

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