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Dracula Play Review

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Dracula Dracula is a penetrating look at the novel written by Bram Stoker in 1890. This is just to let you know right up front that The Stratford Festival's Dracula, is a keeper. Richard Ouzounian, who creates an evening of theatrical magic, directed this thrilling production. You, yourself can experience this astonishing play from May 19 to November 7 1999 at the Avon theatre in Stratford. This fairly modernized theatre is comfortable, and has a lot more legroom than some other theaters I have experienced. The set was interesting, and changes were quick and effectively done.Dracula takes place in the year 1897. The play occurs in Transylvania and England. The play begins with a lawyer named Jonathan Harker, visiting Count Draculas castle in Transylvania to finalize the count's purchase of an English estate. Soon, however the lawyer finds himself a prisoner of his client. This is not just any regular client though, it is the blood sucking Dracula! Finally Jonathan escapes from his scary host, and sends word of his escape to his fiancée, Mina Murray. Mina has him sent directly sent home to England. Mina's best friend Lucy, also the fiancée of Jonathan's best friend Dr. Jack Steward falls under Draculas spell once he returns to England. After being bit by Dracula, Lucy turns pale, and her health goes down hill from there. Dr. Stward, her fiancé send for his old mentor, Dr. Van Helsing. Immediately, the doctor realizes what is wrong with Lucy. It is not too late to save her. In order to save Lucy, they must drive a wooden stake through her heart. After doing so, the Dracula is very upset. They had taken from him, the love of his life. Since Jonathan had been the one to do the stabbing, he seduced his fiancée, Mina into joining him in the dark side. Who does Mina choose? The powerful Count Dracula, or the love of her life Jonathan? Dracula, is an intense musical. It teaches you that everyone needs to feel loved at some point in their lives, even those people who are so cold, we would think it would have never crossed their minds. Audiences of all ages attended this play. It may not be suitable for younger children, only because they might not be able to follow the plot. It is recommended for those over the age of 10.Excellent spacing was used throughout the play. All parts of the stage were...

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