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Body A: Blood to blood relations often hold a considerable amount of care and love for each other. First of all, the development of the relationship between Sethe and Denver shows how blood to blood relations carry the care and love that no other person would carry. In the novel Beloved, Denver was the daughter and one and only person in Sethe’s family. The house 124 in Bluestone Road had only two residents, Sethe and Denver. Both Sethe and Denver created an amazingly strong bond between each other. In Sethe’s whole life, she only saw people getting away from her, her husband Halle, her mother-in-law Baby Suggs, and her two sons Howard and Buglar. However, Denver was the only person who was staying with her all the time. The care shown by Denver for her mother is incredible. She is one of those daughters who would sacrifice anything for her mother. Denver gets emotional when she remembers that she has no friends and she does not know any another residents around their house. However, she buries all her emotions and sorrows when she reminisces that she has her mother with her who brought her to this world. Her mother fills her heart with everything. She knows that her mother Sethe sacrificed a lot when she was an infant. Sethe also informed Denver how she fought against many obstructions when Denver was in her mother’s womb. All these situations made them valuable to each other. As a mother, Sethe has done astonishing activities which made Sethe a star in Denver’s eyes. The love and sacrifices from Sethe for her daughter Denver is illustrated in the following quote,
“All I knew was I had to get my milk to my baby girl. Nobody was going to nurse her like me. Nobody was going to get it to her fast enough, or take it away when she had enough and didn’t know it. Nobody knew that she couldn’t pass her air if you held her up on you shoulder, only if she was lying on my knees. Nobody knew that but me and nobody had her milk but me.” (Page 16, Morrison)
The abovementioned quote illustrates the love of Sethe for her daughter even though she was in a difficult situation. This quote is analyzed through Psychoanalytic theory as Sethe shows a mentality of denying the situations she is in through. She only cared about her daughter Denver. She knew that her daughter needs to be fed and in order to fulfill that, she was ready to take any kind of pain. Secondly, article about how mothers build up their relationship with their daughters to create a strong and ideal life. Also it talks about how girls choose their mothers to be their role models. In this way, the daughter and the mother creates an invisible strong bond between each other and this way they both shelter each other in their difficult times. This can be studied through Psychoanalytic theory as both the mother and the daughter use their superego to create a strong bond between them.

Body B: People were born to live, but some live a luxurious life while others spend their life in slavery. Firstly,...

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