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Inequality Young People With Disabilities Experience In Leisure Activities

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“… holidays are widely regarded as a `necessary' part of contemporary life” (Smith, & Hughes, 1999, p. 124). Smith and Hughes discuss this quote in their study Disadvantaged families and the meaning of the holiday and discover, the importance families place on holidays. When examining leisure, a range of disciplinary approaches can be applied, and in this case psychology and sociology will be explored. More specifically psychology and how body image and cyber bullying can impact leisure participation, along with sociology, which gives an insight into gendered leisure and social class. This essay will explore inequality and will be achieved by critically examining 5 young people with disabilities on a trip to The Melbourne Cup. By applying psychology and sociology disciplines to the hypothetical study can help explain the continued inequality young people with physical disabilities experience in current society when participating in leisure activities.

The 5 young people who are attending this trip to Melbourne are all females who have a physical disabilities and are aged between 18-23 years of age. The girls will arrive in Melbourne where they will be taken to their hotel in the CBD to settle in and explore the facilities of the hotel. In the afternoon the girls are off to watch the Melbourne Victory Soccer team. On day 2, the girls will be taken on a guided tour of Melbourne where they will visit all of Melbourne’s iconic Landmarks and take lots of photos, which they will share with their family and friends via facebook. On day 3, the girls attend the Melbourne Cup and experience horse racing for the first time. On the last day, the girls go to the beach to relax before their flight home later in the evening.

When discussing sociology it can be defined as understanding “… human societies from a holistic point of view- what they are composed of, how they are reproduced over time and how they might differ from other societies” (Holmes, Hughs, Julian, 2012, p. 4). Society over the many years has evolved, “primitive people did not make the same clear distinction between leisure and work as modern man” (Bryant & Forsyth, 2005, p. 202). Veal, Darcy & Lynch (2013) define leisure in current society as something other than work and break it up into 3 components, time, activity and attitudes (p.16- 21). Sociology is a discipline of leisure and allows a greater understanding of the leisure trends and constraints. Sociology can further be broken down when discussing leisure and for the purpose of this essay these categories will be gender and class.

When looking at leisure and society a common topic discussed is gender. In current society gender is classified as being male or female, males are considered masculine while females feminine. “Individuals pursue behaviours that are consistent with their gender identity and avoid behaviours that violate the meanings associated with their gender identity” (Jun, & Kyle, 2012, p. 354). Deviating from these...

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