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Dragon Of The Red Dawn Essay

1055 words - 5 pages

In this story, Jack and Annie went through a big journey in Japan to find a meaning to a special mission. Jack was sleeping suddenly Annie jumped on him and told him that their two friends Teddy and Kathleen came to visit. Jack got his glasses and got dressed while Annie was waving at them. Teddy and Kathleen were telling them to visit the tree house. Jack and Annie followed them to the tree house they were planning to get back before dawn. Teddy and Kathleen told them that they need to go to a quest in Japan to find the secret of happiness for their mentor Merlin she was really ill. They gave them a wand which they only can use on others wisely. Jack and Annie left for their mission. The tree house spun like a tornado but then everything just changed. Jack and Annie found their self-wearing brown baggy pants and brown silk robes with blue slashes. They looked through the window and saw the beauty of Japan, it was full with cherry blossoms ponds with swans beautiful multi colored clouds and amazing trees. Jack and Annie opened their guide book and notice that you’re not allowed in japan without a passport, but they didn’t have a passport so they decided to sneak. While sneaking jack and Annie got caught by some samurai warrior of a shogun (a military man), and was in trouble. A strange man came up to them and called Annie and Jack Baku and Koto they were confused. The samurai put their sword away and bowed to the strange guy. The guy explained to the samurai that jack (Baku) and Annie (Koto) were his students the samurai apologized and left. Jack and Annie asked. The man why he did that, the man said that he did that to save them; he knows why they are here. Jack and Annie thanked that man and asked for his name, it was Basho. Basho was really famous for something in japan they thought he’s like everyone’s master he teach people things thought Annie. Basho showed them around Japan and took them to eat. After eating they heard some weird noise from outside so they ran over there and saw two big mans that weight 400lb each were fighting. Basho said they were the sumo wrestlers this sport is really popular in Japan. A different samurai came up to Jack and Annie and asked for their passport; Basho told them that they were his students. The samurai said “Well than let’s hear a poem of yours” Jack and Annie were totally confused a poem? Annie made up a poem but Jack had trouble but everyone liked it. Basho finally took them to his house, it wasn’t like what Jack and Annie was expecting. Instead of a castle there was an old small house with a banana tree next to it and a beautiful garden, Jack and Annie were surprised. They went in and took out their guide book and found out that Basho is a famous poet that explains everything. Annie asked Basho that why does he...

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