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Drama And Excitement In The Opening Scene Of Romeo And Juliet By Baz Lurhmann

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Drama and Excitement in the Opening Scene of Romeo and Juliet by Baz Lurhmann

Romeo and Juliet is directed by Baz Lurhmann and was produced in 1997
.In the opening scene of the film is set in a petrol station . The
Montague boys and the Capulet boys happen to meet each other and a
quarrel ensues and this leads to a big gun battle accompanied by
western music that adds humour to the scene. The techniques the
Luhrmann uses are lighting ,camera angles , setting and different
aspects of mis en scene to create drama and excitement for the

In the opening scene of “Romeo and Juliet” sound is used to create an
effect on the audience . When the film starts images of the city of
Verona are shown to loud opera music , this non-diagetic sound creates
a tense atmosphere , it builds up the audiences suspense , this leads
the audience onto the intensity of the film that they are about to

As the opera music is being played , a voice over in an American
accent is used to introduce the prologue .This non-diagetic voice over
by the character Friar Lawrence is used to introduce the quarrel
between the two families ; the Capulets and the Montagues . It makes
the quarrel between the two families seem the most important part of
the story and how it influences the characters on their decisions .

In the opening scene of the film we are introduced to the Montague
boys and the Capulet boys . Different sounds are used to differentiate
between the two groups of characters . When we see the Montague boys
coming into the petrol station , loud

Hip - hop music is coming from their car , and they are making silly
boyish noises this is used by Luhrmann to make the Montague boys seem
immature and that they are not to be taken seriously by the audience .

On the other hand the Capulet boys have loud roaring coming from their
car luhrman uses this to present the Capulets in a totally different
way to the Montague’s the loud roaring noise is used to make the
Capulet seem more menacing than the Montague’s and that the Capulet
are feared by the Montague’s .

As from the moment Tybalt steps out of his car , western style music
is played , this non - diagetic sound is used to prepare the audience
for the western style that is about to occur, this western style music
ties in with the diagetic sound of the sign from the petrol station
swinging , this all links in with the western genre which coincides
with the style of fighting between the two families in this particular

When Tybalt steps out if the Capulet car we only see his western style
boots that link in with the western style music and the sign swinging
. The sound his boots make when he steps out on the lit match seem
menacing , because we cannot see his face and he makes a horrible
noise with his boots .

After the...

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