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Drama Coursework: Task 6 An Evaluation Of A Live Performance

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I am writing about the performance 'Saturday Night Fever', I went to see this on Wednesday 9th November at Milton Keynes Theatre, This Performance Was Adapted by Nan Knighton, and the director was John Stacey.This Play is about A young man by the name of Tony Manero who works in a DIY store that doesn't pay much money, He is passionate about dancing and loves to dance in competition's, A young lady called Annette falls in love with Tony but unfortunately he does not love her as he meets another young lady called Stephanie who he falls in love with they begin to dance together so they decided to enter a dancing compotion and they win however Tony does not feel he deserved to win, he felt that another couple in the competition deserved it as he felt they did better than them..Tony's gang (Bobby C, Joey, Double Jay, Gus) Bobby C was always trying to get Tony's attention but he kept on failing to Tony would just fail to acknowledge his existence and on night at the bridge which was where the gang used to hang around Bobby C was yet again trying to get Tony's attention by showing off on the bridge and as it was a very stormy night he slipped and fell ad he did not survive.Throughout the performance there were many mediums used, they were also very clear and easy to pick up on but the most common medium was the use of movement mime and gesture.Dance was used right through it kept the performance energetic and lively there was many different styles of dance used disco dancing, ballroom dancing, ballet dancing and Latin dancing. The most common use of dance was disco dancing a lot of the dancing was done in couples or the whole of the group moving together, there was lots of sharp quick movements also there was a lot of hip movement used in the and sexual gestures were used quite frequently right through, a lot of the dance moves were very dramatic and stereotypical of 70's dancing for example when you drop one hip put the hand on the other and the and the other arm would move diagonally up and down as this performance was set in a historical context of the 70's. The type of movement showed the mood and emotions of the characters e.g. most dances was up beat and positive this would state that the characters were happy positive and energetic. The relationships between the characters was reflected in their attitude towards each other when dancing and their body language, how they were standing, right trough the performance the music and dancing reflect the story line and how the characters where feeling and what was happening and some of the time the characters got caught up in the dancing.Ballet was used when Stephanie was practising her dancing this was used for more softer more romantic delicate moments for example when Tony was admiring/watching Stephanie practising this dancing made her to look perfect and show off her figure and to show how good she was at dancing this made Tony like her even more.Salsa was also used this showed more sexual movements...

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