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Drama In Act Iii, Scene I Of Romeo And Juliet

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Many Critics consider Act 3 Scene 1 As the turning Point of the Play. How does Shakespeare Make This Scene Dramatic for His Audience?

“Romeo and Juliet” was originally a poem by Author Brooks, in 1562, it was called “Romeus and Juliet“. William Shakespeare later rewrote the tragic poem in to a play in 1595 and renamed it “Romeo and Juliet”. The scene that I am studying is Act 3 scene 1, it contains, hate, revenge and violence. The themes in this play of violence are …?

The story of “Romeo and Juliet” is bout two rival families, the Montagues & Capulet. The Montagues son and the Capulets daughter fall in love and secretly get married. The young couple is faced with their family’s feuds, Juliet’s cousin Tybalt is the first to arise. After finding out Romeo invited himself to the Capulet ball, he later seeks revenge. After a great brawl in Verona Streets, Romeo kills Tybalt to avenge his best friend’s death that was caused by the Capulet.

The Elizabethan audience was used to violence as there would have been a lot around on the streets. Female roles were played by young boys as sometimes fights would break out in the theatre.
Benvolio and Mercutio were not in the original poem by Author Brooks. They were later brought in by Shakespeare to show how innocent people are affected by the two feuding families. They also show how the audience feels sorry for them. When caught up in the Montague and Capulate fights.

At the start of Act 3 scene 1 Mercutio has been forewarned by Benvolio that “the day is hot”. Ambiguous language has been used throughout. ‘Hot’ is not only associated with the heat of the weather, but also how the tempers were flaring that day between the two rival families, the Capulets and Montagues. However with tension increasing the audience is aware of the drama that is being created. They also know that the two families are not going to escape a brawl as it is their fate.

Shakespearian audience could also associate “hot” with hell. Elizabethans were very religious and superstitious so for them to imagine hell would have been horrendous as they would think of evil and the Devil. Lastly we can associate “hot” with the aid of spreading the plague. The heat of the day helped the plague spread which indicates how the Elizabethans would have tried to escape from the heat. Never the less the audience will be left hanging on the edge if their seats as they know something will be happening in the next few hours or even minutes as their fate is set for today.

At this point in the play it is showing that Benvolio is failing as the peace keeper as Mercutio is going to start a fight with Tybalt.

Tybalt is the trouble maker; he only needs an excuse to star a fight with a Montague. The theme of hate is used in this scene as the Tybalt is out to seek revenge on Romeo as he went to the Capulate ball. Tybalt is furious that a Montague went to the Capulate ball and is saying that this unwelcome interference shall not provoke...

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