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Drama Queen: Mary, Queen Of Scots

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Drama Queen “Mary, Queen of Scots”
There have been many drama queens in this world. As it turns out, one drama queen in particular was actually a real queen. Her name was Mary, Queen of Scots. Mary had lots of drama throughout her life and it is was this drama that ended in her execution.
Mary was born December 8, 1542. Her parents were King James V and Mary of Guise. James, the King of Scotland, died shortly after Mary was born. He died six days after Mary was born. Mary became the Queen of Scots when she was six days old. There was lots of talk of who would take over being ruler until Mary became old enough to rule. Mary’s Uncle Henry the VIII declared that he wanted to take control of Scotland while Mary was still growing up. Mary’s mother wanted to rule while Mary was growing up. Mary’s mother acted as the regent. Mary finally became old enough and Mary’s mother had big plans for her to help the country of Scotland. (Mary, Queen of Scots Biography)
France and Scotland wanted to become an alliance. Their plan was for Mary to marry French Dauphin (later Francis II). In other words, Mary’s mother made a contract to have Mary marry Dauphin. (Scotland’s Mary). The French prince, Francis II and Mary got married in 1558. France and Scotland had a contract that if Mary had a baby boy the countries would unite. However, Mary made a secret contract that others did not know about. The secret contract said that even if Mary didn’t have a baby boy that France would own Scotland. The couple got crowned in 1559, but Francis II died the following year. Since Francis died from an ear infection, Mary returned to Scotland in 1561. (Mary Queen of Scots Bio). Unfortunately, because she was coming from France and she was Catholic, the people in Scotland did not like her. (Mary Queen of Scots).
Mary knew she needed to do something to win over the Scots quickly. She sought counselors from Scotland. The people of Scotland started to think that maybe she was okay. Mary also accepted the Presbyterian Church, even though she was catholic. She still attended mass at the Catholic Church, but the Scots did not see her as a threat anymore. Mary finally regained trust with the citizens of Scotland. It wasn’t long however before she started having problems again. (Mary, Queen of Scots (r.1542-1567)).
In order for Mary to become secure with the British she knew that she would have to marry into the family. Mary started to see her cousin Henry Stuart. Henry and Mary got married in 1565. Many Protestants were against the marriage as Henry was Catholic. Mary soon found herself in trouble with her marriage. (Scotland’s Mary).
Mary’s husband wanted more power than she was willing to give to him. Henry became very jealous of Mary’s good friend Rizzo, who was an Italian musician. Henry became so jealous that he began to plan a plot to kill Rizzo. Henry went through with his plot and in March 1566, a band of nobles broke into Mary’s apartment . They wanted to kill...

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