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ROOTS AND GROWTH OF DRAMA THERAPYRavindra Ranasinha - Consultant DramatherapistThe subject matter of this paper encompasses the dual role of drama, namely, its cathartic strength and the recent establishment of same as a healing modality. We will briefly examine the manifold roots of drama to place it in the context of a therapy. Our discussion will commence by looking at life as drama. Thereafter, our focus will be on ritualistic expressions, therapeutic theatre, experiments towards dramatherapy, and our current practice of dramatherapy in Sri Lanka as a holistic experience.Unfolding drama of lifeDrama is life. It is the unfolding or the blossoming of all existence. Life is manifested as energy. Man's passion, urge, motivation, fervour or zeal is the innate energy in his composite. His interaction with all organic and inorganic phenomena, is the movement of energies. Hence, drama is an interaction, transmission and vibration of energies.The energy web, in which each one of us is a link, stands in its own magnificence. This understanding helps us to view that one does not exist 'without' the other, but one exists 'within' the other. In other words, there exist no two persons or two things, but only one. This thought emphasizes the fact that all beings are 'inter'. Hence, man is an inter being (Moorjani. A. 2013 p.141).The early man had a strong inter-connection with nature, and the cave paintings vividly portray how he utilized his instincts and projected many metaphors in life. Later man became a conscious being whose understanding of his instinctual behaviour, paved way for a change in his life. 'Basis was thus laid for awareness of instincts, and man's emancipation from blind obedience to instinctive, emotional stimuli; [man] developed conscious control over his actions, and a capacity to subordinate both external circumstances and himself to the tasks of overcoming obstacles in the way of attaining a set goal - in short there began formation of that feature of the thinking subject that we call will' (Panov G. Victor, 1976 pp.116-117). This will or the logical thought disrupted the inter-connections he previously had and the tools he created were used to manipulate himself and all other beings around him.Man's rational behaviour took charge of the natural environment and maimed same, re-imaging himself as the root cause of all 'disharmony', pervading not only on Earth, but in the outer space, too. There is justification of his actions in the name of economics, culture, education and politics. They provide him a make-believe world which in other words can be called a personal mythology, encompassing his power politics (Ranasinha, R. 2013 p.40).Power politic has become the drama in life, making man to see no limits in his acquisitions. Today, States acquire States. Religions acquire Religions. Ethnicity infiltrates into other Ethnicities. Education corrodes the other's Education. Industries and organizations acquire the other. In this process...

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