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Dramatic changes in Romeo and Juliet
Subconsciously, when put under pressure you are prone to biases and carelessness. When under the pressure of time, hasty and regrettable decisions are easily made. In Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare, Romeo is of a family that is in conflict with Juliet’s. Put under the pressure of their parents and their society, drastic measures are made in order to see each other, although is forbidden does not stop them. Throughout the piece the two learn about the society’s inability adapt and the cost of their tradition. Characters of Romeo and Juliet undergo dramatic changes from the beginning of the play to the end when tested by the pressures of time and tradition as seen in Capulet’s unfair request of his daughter Juliet, Friar Lawrence’s fall from the grace of God, and Juliet’s willingness to give her life ‘Twice’.
Juliet makes quirky actions and statements throughout the play out of carelessness and haste. Juliet is constantly doing these actions because of the pressure that her parents place on her obliviously when she becomes adverse to the family tradition. Bombarded with unfair orders by her father and mother, she turns to her nurse who as well changes her opinion. Juliet says, “I will not marry yet, and when I do, I swear/ it shall be Romeo, whom you know I hate. / Rather than Paris. These are news indeed” (3.5.121-123). She accidentally tells her mother of how she feels about the marriage to Paris and her love for Romeo but quickly realizes what she has said and covers it up by stating she hates Romeo. Juliet was placed on the spot by her parents and because of her carelessness made a debatable decision. More debatable decisions are made when the marriage is set in stone and made a day earlier, which has made the pressure heavier and left the Friar’s plans in vain. Juliet, desperate for a way out of the tight squeeze, visits Friar for advice and is presented with a potion that knocks her unconscious for a few days, ultimately causing the final conflict. Juliet says, “Romeo, Romeo, Romeo! Here’s drink- I drink to thee” (4.3.58). Juliet is confused of what to do and takes what she thinks is her only choice to wait for Romeo, which is to “die” for 2 days because of her father changing the marriage date and neglecting Juliet’s opinion. The pressure of tradition is what put Juliet in this situation and pressure of time is what drove her to her decision, which was made with Friar Lawrence.
Friar Lawrence’s first decision that makes him fall from God is the wedding of Romeo and Juliet. He is first pressured by Romeo and then persuaded to the fact that the couple could atone for the conflict of the 2 families. He agrees and once he has already married the two he realizes that he has to help them out throughout the whole way for if someone would find out what he did he would be punished. Friar Lawrence says, “That cop’st with death...

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