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Drastic Dieting Essay

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If you're entertaining the idea of eating 1000 calories a day, there are things to explore. Suppose, just for the moment, you are playing cards blindfolded. All kinds of things could happen. Your opponents could remove the good cards from the deck. When it came your turn to play, you could not see the cards. If you were playing for money, chances are, you'd go broke.

How does a playing card scenario explain the 1000 calories a day plan? To subject your body to consuming this stingy amount of calories, you must eliminate many fuel foods (good cards). Due to calorie deprivation, after a time, your body will literally begin to consume lean muscle and convert it to glucose. Also, toxic by-products result when body protein is converted to glucose.

The body believes it is in starvation mode and compensates to conserve its store of fuel (energy). You can't see what is happening behind the scenes (like you can't see cards blindfolded) but your physical body becomes at risk for several severe medical conditions. You may go broke at the doctor's office.

How 1000 Calories a Day Diet Works

Did this simplified explanation get your attention? About now, you may wonder, "But, what if..." Let us guess – what if a person is morbidly obese? Would this calorie restrictive diet work? Yes. An obese person would lose weight quickly. However, in a life-threatening situation, the person should remain in a controlled environment, under constant supervision of a medical professional.

Proponents of 1000 calories a day earnestly believe severely restricting calories will stave off diseases such as diabetes, cancer or heart disease. There is no doubt healthy weight loss may help deter these medical conditions. But, any diet plan that promises quick and easy weight loss is unhealthy. Losing too much, too quickly will result in regaining the weight after the dieter begins eating regular meals again.

Drastic dieting slows down basic metabolism rate. The dieter will begin feeling sluggish and unable to exercise due to fatigue. Combine a slow metabolism with fatigue and weight loss efforts become a losing proposition.

If you're still waffling about whether or not to give 1000 calories a day the benefit of doubt, let's explore an overview of this diet. Get ready to eliminate foods (toss good cards out).

The basic premise is to convince yourself you really aren't eating less; you're enjoying it more by savoring salads and green vegetables. High fiber foods achieve that fullness feeling. Sugar is a non-entity, as is flour. Protein and some fats are permissible, but rather than meat, especially red meat, food-combining is suggested. For example, beans and rice combine to create perfect protein. Bits and pieces of chicken or fish are acceptable. The tricky part is getting the correct amount of protein, so that one must calculate intake vs. body weight.

Starch foods and dairy products must be cut drastically. Recommended replacements are just about any...

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