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“Drawing On The Reading And Your Wider Understanding Of Hrm Practices In Encouraging Employees To Share Information And Knowledge, Answer The Foll

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This paper examines the positive impact that transformational leadership has on information systems success within an organization. This is done using two psychological mechanism of system user’s; perceived organizational support and systems self-efficacy.
Information systems are defined as “all within an organization contributing to the distribution of information. The information system consists of nodes capable of holding information, channels able to distribute information and actors acting and re-acting upon the information” (J.Palmius , 2005 ,p3). Information systems are the network of hardware and software that organizations use to collect and create information. Johnston and Vitale ...view middle of the document...

Idealized influence refers to the extent of pride and respect leaders encourages workers to have in themselves. It is thought that by having a level of respect towards the IS, users will act well towards it. Inspirational motivation is where high expectations are communicated to the workforce leading to high motivation throughout the organization because they are given confidence in using the IS. Individualized consideration is the degree of personal attention that is placed upon an employee. This is normally done through mentoring, by listening to users and asking them what they want. Intellectual simulation is how often a leader promotes employees to use their own initiative to solve problems and solutions. In order to achieve an affective IS it must challenge the employees to fix old problems and developed new ways to improve the IS.
The results from Cho et al (2011) identify that transformational leaders are beneficial because they help employees to fell that they are valued within an organization, thus developing their confidence in using an IS system in the workplace. It is discussed that managers should strive towards organization support of their employees as well as systems of self-efficiency in order to improve the overall functionality of the business. It is important that the IS users feels valued and respected consequently the organization should be structured to achieve this and boost the confidence of their employees. It is vital to look at how effective transformation leadership is throughout different countries, especially with the implications of politicians, cultures and beliefs.
It must be considered that not all countries have the same ideas as the western culture and therefore could react differently towards transformational leaders. Implications may occur with the short-term goals of the business, if too much emphasis is placed on the long term goals, the day to day aims could get neglected. Therefore, it is advisory that other areas and styles are considered, for example (Bryant, 2003) suggests that a combination of transformation and transactional leadership is used to guarantee the needs of the organization and IS system are met. Transaction leaders emphasizes “solid, consistent, performance that meets greed upon goals” (Bryant, 2003, p.37). This means that an organization must develop clear and precise goals that will reward workers, by rewarding employees, confidence and motivation are likely to increase. However, this alone will not develop the success of the IS because a complete job description for knowledge cannot be specified. This could have a negative effect only employees because they will not feel challenged if they are expected to follow a contract every day. Thus “both types of leaders are required to effectively manage knowledge” (Bryant, 2003, p.37). There are a number of implications that must be consider as well, such as contingent workers and how much support they get in an organization. If...

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