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Dream Act Gives Illegal Immigrants A Chance

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The DREAM Act is proposed legislation that was first introduced in 2001. If put into action, it would give illegal immigrants who crossed the border when they were young the chance to become documented citizens of the United States, given they fulfill certain requirements. The DREAM Act should be put into place at the federal level because it will benefit the United States by filling spots in the military and adding talented young scholars to the workforce, as well as give young immigrants the freedom and pursuit of happiness they are promised.
The DREAM Act, an acronym for Development, Relief, and Education of Alien Minors Act, was first introduced in 2001 by Dick Durbin and Orrin Hatch. ...view middle of the document...

They will also be eligible for student loans, as well as federal work-study programs.
One of the possible requirements for the DREAM Act is to enroll in the US military. This would benefit the United States greatly as it aids in filling open spots with mentally and physically qualified people. The Pentagon is pushing for the DREAM Act to be put into place in order to better staff the armed forces. In fact, when the Department of Defense published its 3-year strategic plan, the DREAM Act was listed as a potential approach to replenishing its ranks. As spokeswoman Eileen Lainez said, “If we needed to expand the pool of eligible youth, the DREAM Act would be one of several ways to do it.” The military has an especially difficult time when the United States is in a state of good economy, because there are more job options out there for potential soldiers to take. With the DREAM Act, there will be more people ready and willing to join the forces. Many young immigrants would be more than happy to join the military under the DREAM Act, because it gives them plenty of benefits. “DREAM would give us the ability to tap into a huge number of people who grew up in the US,” Margaret Stock, a retired Army lieutenant colonel, said. “[They] were educated here, the talk like Americans, they look like Americans and their loyalty lies with America.”
The second of the two requirements for the DREAM Act is for the applicant to complete two, if not more, years of college in the United States. This benefits the US because once these students graduate, they will become talented and well-educated additions to the American workforce. This would boost the economy, which is definitely never something to be turned down. For evidence of this, we can look to California, where they have set their own version of the DREAM Act into motion. California Democratic Governor Jerry Brown was in charge of setting the act, an amnesty program for illegal immigrants who are students that allows them to take advantage of financial aid, into motion. California has an unfortunate budget deficit of over $20 billion. In the face of the state’s collapsing finances, Brown decided to focus on immigration reform. He believes that giving further education to this group of people will help California’s economy in the long run. The students he is permitting to attend college will one day be a great influence on the economy...

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