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Dream Analysis

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Nowadays a lot of people rely on therapy to solve personal problems. The kind of problems that a person can’t work out by him/herself. No matter what kind of a problem a person may have there is always help available through therapy to resolve those problems. There are over fifteen types of therapies out there that I know of. Behavioral Therapy, Cognitive Therapy, Family Systems Therapy … are the kind of therapies out there, just to name a few. Although I am not in any need of any kind of therapy, but if I had to choose what kind of a therapy I would want to attend, I would choose Dream Analysis.
“Dream Analysis is a process of determining the meanings of dreams through symbols, myths, free association, and memories. There are a variety of philosophies and approaches for analyzing dreams including Adlerian (dreams are projections of a person's current concerns), Gestalt (every person and object in a dream represents an aspect of the dreamer), and psychoanalytic (dreams are a key to what is happening in a person's unconscious). Why would I want to choose Dream Analysis out of all the other therapies out there?” (
      Ever since I was a kid I always wondered what the pictures that I saw in my dream meant in the real world. It was kind of a wired sensation, but ever since that time I was looking for answers to the meaning of my dreams. I asked countless number of people and each one of them gave me different answers. I got all kind of answers, anywhere form “You would be rich…” to “They don’t mean anything…” I never got one definite answer to my research. I was going crazy trying to figure out what my dreams represented. Were they about me at the present time? Where they about my past life? Where they about my future? What did my dreams mean? These are the kind of questions I was looking answers for, but didn’t get far with anything. Of course I was looking for these answers in my mother country where there aren’t that many people who are specialized in these kinds of things. And even if there were I wouldn’t know...

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