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Dream Analysis: The Celtic Army

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I had a dream that I was in the time period when there was only swords and shields, (but none of those advanced automatic weapons that we have now). In that time period, I woke up in my bunk remembering that I am an active duty Major in King Ajihad's Army known as the Celtic Army. I also remembered that I was the only person who was half-human and half-elf except my brother, which was the same as me, but was two years younger than me. In the army I commanded a six-person unit; three men and three women (seven people in all if you include me). My unit was known as the Dragon Force, the reason why is because at one time or another during our service in the army all of us, at least killed a ...view middle of the document...

General Winfield got the approval he was after, and I told him everything that he needed to know about me and my unit. He had me send for my squad, once they got to where we were at, he told us that he needed me and my squad, for a special assignment. He explained to us that the mission he was sending us on.

The reason he called on us is because, the king was going to launch an all out war on China. Our mission was to do a reconnaissance of the capital city of China, which was Beijing. He also told me that my brother is deep undercover in the Chinese Red Army, I jumped up and from where I was sitting and grabbed the general by the throat and held him against the wall and asking him why he sent my little brother on a very dangerous mission. I also told him that my mother was going to kill me if something really bad happened to my brother, which included him getting himself killed in battle. I told the general that the discussion was over and told him that we were leaving for our mission first thing in the morning, but what he didn't know that we were going to be leaving for our mission under the cover of darkness. The reason why we are going was because of what I had done to the general, which was assault him. If you strike your commanding officer, the punishment was 30 lashes with a dishonorable discharge from the King's Army, or if you wish to continue your service you will receive 35 lashes and deduction in pay and rank, and then you have the possibility of earning your pay and rank back to you. The reason we're liberating Beijing, is because when we were under attack by our enemies, we asked China for help they refused only because they had two people that were half-human and half-elf children. If we liberated Beijing the capital of China, all the other towns will follow.

During that night, my unit and I saddled up our horses and then we left for our mission; the reconnaissance of Beijing, China. Two weeks later we arrived at our destination, for our first...

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