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Dream Clinic's Overview And Treatment Of Oral Cancer

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Desire to Relieve and Enlighten All Mankind, Inc. (DREAM) Clinic offers excellent health care services at relatively low costs for individuals residing in the rural south. Services currently provided include primary and precautionary health services, such as health education, dental care, gynecology, and disease management. Health education involves the discussion of rather basic health issues such as blood pressure and weight management. Our gynecology department offers a full range of services encompassing pap smears and mammograms. Finally, disease management comprises chronic illnesses like diabetes. Past success includes the reduction of HIV/AIDS among women of low socioeconomic in the community. However, we wish to expand our services to meet the current needs of the community in regards to oral health at this specific time.

Differences in cancer survival based on factors such as race, ethnicity and socioeconomic status remain a major concern despite identification of these disparities for more than 30 years. In an analysis of cancer patients using the Florida Cancer Data System and Florida Agency for Health Care Administration data set, it was concluded that in addition to variations in survival by race there was a noted observation of high poverty. Residing in an area of elevated poverty was an independent predictor of more severe outcomes despite of demographics, comorbidities, clinical characteristics, and treatment modality. This particular study is consistent with investigations of other malignancies that have classified socioeconomic status as one of the key factors responsible for differences in outcome. Additional factors likely responsible for the noted outcome differences include genetic and environmental differences. Increased use of tobacco and alcohol, however, does explain part of the reduction in survival of African Americans in comparison to White Americans (Molina, Cheung, Perez, & Byrne, 2008).

Mortality from mouth and throat cancer (MTC) is greater among African Americans than White Americans partially due to late stage detection through screening. The inequality in mortality is particularly problematic among African Americans residing in rural areas who have limited access to preventative resources. Unfortunately, there are an adequate number of studies that have investigated the barriers that contribute to decreased or delayed screening rates for oral cancer among African American males. Although research on barriers to screening for oral cancer is limited, several studies have explored barriers to screening for other types of racially disparate cancer. These studies reveal that African Americans often face resource barriers such as lack of insurance, limited access to screening service, and an inability to take time off from work. Even when resources are obtainable, many rural African Americans report a general distrust of physicians and the healthcare system, which can contribute to ignorance of risk factors,...

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