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Dream Interpretation Essay

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Dreams have been around since time began. The reason why they occur, even today, is a mystery. Debates have surrounded about whether dreams are meaningless or important. Since early history, people have recounted their dreams believing they were secret codes or messages. (Young) In Truman Capote’s novel In Cold Blood Perry, one of the killers, dreamed that he was saved by a bird that took him to a new place described as “paradise.” (Capote 93) Though the dreams made Perry feel superior, the meaning of his dream is fascinating but still a mystery. Dream interpretation has brought insight and knowledge to what a person’s subconscious can uphold. Experts have sought to explain what dreams actually contain. Although dream interpretation is criticized as ridiculous, numerous people believe interpreting dreams is important to figuring out their life and inner psyche.
When someone says they have had a dream another may find it fascinating or completely dull. Dreams are a fascination because they reoccur often and sometimes change. No one can really explain why this happens but some are determined to find out how. Because of this curiosity and fascination, there are some researchers who find dreams enthralling enough to study them. As if dreams weren’t compelling enough, they found that a person goes through five stages of sleep: two steps of light sleep, two steps of deep sleep, and one stage of REM which translates into rapid eye movement. Researchers found when people wake up at different sleep stages give different recounts of their sleep, no matter what type of dream they just had. Since these stages happen, there are two types of dreams: REM dreaming and non-REM dreaming. REM dreams tend to have length, complexity, and hallucinatory qualities while non-REM dreams are sparse and thought like. Numerous people and researchers believe that both types hold a mirror to our waking lives, especially reflecting recent experiences. For those who don’t understand how people pop up in dreams but they have never seen them before have actually seen them in a passing and their subconscious brings them out in dreams - another fascinating thing to study about dreams. Dreams are unexplainable and that’s why some are willing to find out if what they dream about means something more than what it appears. Dreams can be used to strengthen memories, like in non-REM dreams, or store them for comparison of old experiences with new like in REM dreams. Some believe that both types of dreams are beneficial to a person’s life. REM dreaming draws more emotions with more aggression and unknown characters while non-REM dreams more likely involve friendly encounters with more known, familiar characters. With all this research some question whether research tarnish dreams but researchers’ fight back saying that “peering and prodding do not take away the magic.” (Young)
There are others, however, who disagree that dreams are helpful for a person’s mindset. Matt Walker from the...

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