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Career Project
A career I would be interested in pursuing is being a park ranger. This job interests me because I love spending time outdoors and with people. It also is an interest of mine to keep our wonderful parks and woodland environments safe and to have them still be around for many more generations to come.
     The job of a park ranger is to enforce laws, regulations and policies in national, state, county, or municipal parks with dangerous wildlife, bad terrain, or in bad weather situations. Park rangers do task such as vehicle and personal registration, fee collections and issuing of permits. They must give information about the park use, safety requirements and special points of interest. Park rangers also help in the care and maintenance or parks. They help visitors utilize the natural surroundings that they visit. Park rangers are involved in the police aspect of parks also. They direct traffic, investigate accidents, and patrol to help prevent fires, theft, and vandalism. They can evict or arrest persons who violate park rules and regulations. Park rangers take part in rescue and first aid when needed. Rangers in certain climates might specialize such as snow safety or avalanche control. Conservation is key with park ranges. They study wildlife behavior, plants, water, and pollution, plus the use of parklands. Some may be involved in the planning, construction, maintenance, landscaping, or management of park facilities. Helpful qualities for a park ranger are the ability to accept responsibility, good communication skills, and ability to work independently, and the ability to react appropriately in emergency situations. Some physical demands park rangers might come across frequently include: climbing, reaching, handling, fingering, talking, hearing, close vision, kneeling, and color vision.
     Park rangers need at least two years of college with at least twelve credits in science and criminal justice. Most park ranger positions require a bachelor’s degree as well. Also, a master’s degree is helpful for advancement into supervisory positions. Also, to become a park ranger there is no special licensing or certification required. There are three major degrees that are preferred. These include: parks, recreation, and leisure studies, business or public administration, and natural sciences. The one that I am interested in studying is Parks, Recreation, and Leisure studies. This major is offered at a variety of schools. The school I have chosen is Central Missouri State University.
     Admission requirements for Central Missouri State University...

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