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Dreamcatcher Essay

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Long ago, in a Native American village, the old and young living there earned their own living and were regarded by people as the ancestors of today’s culture and life in America. In the night when the storm bursted with a tremendous peal of thunder and a rush of rain, the strange and frightening dreams sneaked into the the window and stay by the pillows on the children’s bed. Children started having bad dreams every night. In the morning, people talked about the awful dreams which spread everywhere around the town in a few days as if a plague. In an evening surrounded by candlelight, a spiritual spider in the corner of the room heard the parents’ concerns. The spider decided ...view middle of the document...

Many people have dreamcatchers above their beds. The good will flow down through the feathers to the person below, and the evil will be hampered by the web. It is said that “ the dreamcatcher holds the destiny and hope of the future.”
The dreamcatcher was related to an old story of Sacred Hoop in the Native American culture. “In the Black Elk’s vision, the hoop of the world referred to the communities of Native people. In his vision he saw the Native American going through a long time of suffering during which the hoop was broken and he saw people begin to heal. The Elders have told us that we have now entered the time of healing and the coming together time.” The dreamcatcher contains the belief that the Native Americans Kept handing down in ages - the symbol of the time of healing. Furthermore, there is another layer of meaning that remains in the hoop of a dreamcatcher. The ring of the hoop is referred to as the circle of the life. The Native American people believed that a hoop embodies a allegorical idea of the course of a human life. We are born as an infant, we move on through childhood, and we go on to adulthood. As we lived out the first half of our lives, we are supposed to build up a family and...

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