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Dreamgirls: A Feast For The Ears And Soul

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Dreamgirls: A Feast for the Ears and Soul
There are many great musicals that the world has ever seen in the past years. Some have often brought us to tears while some may have brought to us to a world far beyond our imagination’s reach. In a world where television and the internet have often given us too many options to choose from as a form of entertainment, the soul and level of perfection still brought about by the broad way musicals are still one of the best for some of us.
When talking about musicals, one may never miss the word “Dreamgirls,” for it is arguably one of the most highly-acclaimed and loved musical of many theater and musical fans. For many years, it has brought us ...view middle of the document...

The Strepp Sisters were portrayed by very talented casts including Ericka Covington, Renée Veronica Freeman, Krystal Simpson and Gia Sharee McGlone. Behind the fabulous costumes and production grandeur of Dreamgirls, it has a deeper implication on the crucial part of history, which are the circumstances faced by African-American singers during that time.
Throughout the show, there were two acts filled with powerful and highly-entertaining songs. The first act was composed of songs such as Cadillac Car, It’s All Over, and the famous, And I’m Telling You, I’m Not Going. The second act composed of songs such as I am Changing, I Miss You, Old Friend, and One Night Only, with a 15-minute intermission in between the two acts.
The first act started with the singing of the contestants during the 1967 Apollo Theater’s talent contest, as James Early’s backup singers quit before his tour. The Strepp Sisters, one of the contestants at that time, sang “You’re Stepping in my Heart,” where Marty, Early’s manager came to like them. In order for Marty not to be impressed with the Strepp Sisters, he fixed the competition so that Dreams, the name of the Strepp Sisters’ group, would not impress Marty. Curtis then approached the girls to do back-up for James Early’s tour. At first, they were hesitant to go as they were still outraged of them losing the competition, but they later still agreed to go.
Later, from being backup singers, Curtis had bigger plans of turning Dreams into main acts as themselves. Effie, who has her dream of becoming a lead singer for the group, was turned down by Curtis. Instead, Curtis chose Deena to be the lead singer for the group. Effie was not happy about this and so she wanted to step into the limelight as soon as she possibly can. This created friction among the group, in...

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