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Becoming An Active Participant In Your Dreams

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I have said to many of my friends, “I love to sleep because I love to dream.” Many years ago, while I was asleep I became aware of when I was dreaming. It was then I decided to make a conscience effort to become an active participant and investigate what was possible. When I wake up, I can usually remember my dreams and I often analyze what they might mean. Whatever has been going on throughout my day normally carries into my dreams where I can figure out what I need to do. On some occasions, my dreams take me back in time when my children were still very young and I am able to enjoy more priceless moments with them. Other occasions I get to spend more time with my father who has been departed for twenty years. These are the primary reasons I look forward to sleeping and dreaming.
Ultimately, being an active participant is very necessary, such as taking mental notes during the dream. One way of investigating is looking around and asking yourself questions like, what color, how many, why, or who. During lucid dreams, you have the ability to control what you do and where you go. In a way, it is almost like playing chess and your view of the situation is more objective. Being asleep but awake in your dream is amazing it gives new meaning to the word, surreal. Have you ever wanted to talk to someone but could not find the right words or an old friend or relative you have not seen in a long while? The perfect place to practice is in a lucid dream, you can go visit them and go with them anywhere. Dreams in general always take place in our subconscious and in non-lucid dreams; we are not actively participating, but merely a bystander. Our subconscious is the creator of our lucid dreams, which occur between REM sleep and being awake, the fifth stage of sleep. ( (
If a student is studying Spanish in school and at home, it is highly likely the student will also dream in Spanish. During this time, unused parts of the brain come to fruition. All thanks to the subconscious taking over during sleep, but for it to be a lucid dream will depend on the person. For those people who believe in the paranormal but cannot physically connect with loved ones who have passed on;...

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