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“Dreams are true while they last, and do we not live in dreams?” – this quote by author Alfred Lord Tennyson achieves to introduce an interrogation many have had over the years, and presumably ever since the notion of dream was invented. Indeed, the idea of dream argument questions whether it is possible for a human to be certain that he is awake or not. This quote illustrates the difficulty there is to decide was is true and what isn’t. It questions our perception, our judgment, and in a larger way the world we are surrounded by. I remember hearing my parents say “don’t worry, it was just a dream”. But isn’t it scary to imagine that the life I live presently is in fact one vast dream? And if it were the case, whose dream would it be? Do I have proofs that I am fully awake?
These doubts get even deeper when dreams are to be compared to mental illnesses, or the use of drugs that alter the perception of reality. What is reality and what is invented by the mind? If the experiences are different, the line between awake life and dreams in these cases becomes thinner as the results appear comparable at first. A mental illness can be defined by a behavioral pattern that prevents the individual from living an ordinary life, which may be related with particular regions of the brain. On the other side, a drug is something that affects physiologically the person who takes it. Do all people become mad in their own way when they dream? Does the use of drugs recreate an authentic dream? If dreaming, being in a state of madness, or under the influence of drugs seem analogous because they both perform in our brain, they are also distinctive.

It appears as the distinction between asleep and awake gets blurrier when the reality itself becomes bizarre and sometimes inexplicable. Undeniably, being in a state of madness tricks the mind into thinking that one is dreaming, when really he is active. Dreams can sometimes resemble madness so much that it turns out to be difficult to extricate them. This is a theory that Freud upholds in “The relation between dreams and...

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