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In order to achieve success at anything one must start out with a dream. But dreams alone are not enough. Turning a dream into reality is where the hard work comes into play. Successful people allow their dreams to drive and motivate them, with an almost addictive passion that will not let them give up until they succeed. Mohandas Gandhi would not rest until his people gained the rights they deserved in the 1960's. He had a dream that his countrymen would one day live in peace and despite many failures during the process, his dream was ultimately achieved his way, through non-violent protests.
Martin Luther King started out with a dream as well, one extremely important to American history. Using some of the same peaceful strategies as Gandhi, King was determined to gain rights for African American people in the U.S. His attempts failed many times as well, landing him in jail and threatening his life, but that didn’t stop his efforts. These historic men have many things in common including; their passive aggressive styles of going about their goals, a passion for human rights and a fierce drive never to give up. The most important similarity the two shared however, is that they both began with a dream.
The hard works of strong courageous people such as Gandhi and King and many others are prime examples of how all change must begin with a dream. If our world is to progress, it is crucial for people to have dreams as their motivation. Of course, not all dreams have to be as grand as obtaining basic human rights. It is important for people to set achievable goals for themselves so they can add to society to the best of their abilities. Whether it may be working overtime to get a pay raise, studying hard to get into a top college or practicing piano every night, everyone has a dream of some kind. Dreams shape us into who we are and drive us toward who we are going to be. There will always be failures and set backs along the way, but disappointment can be used to teach and motivate us to...

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