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Dreams Fulfilled Essay

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“Cowboy Bill”, as he is affectionately referred to, is by far the most interesting character one will ever meet. When he was a young lad growing up in Pierre Part, LA, he became fascinated with Native American culture. For school, he had to present a research paper on the Seminole Indian Tribe, native tribe of Florida. This research led him onto a quest of learning how “gator wrestling” was predominant in their culture for both food, sport, and survival. Once “Cowboy Bill”, William James Broussard Jr, slowly lost his passion and respect for the Seminole way of life, his mindful direction took an unfavorable turn. However, as was etched into his developing mind in his childhood, meaning ...view middle of the document...

Bill Jr. watched and finally became engaged in the sport as well. However, he approached the “gators” with reverence and respect. As he entered his teen years, his passion for adopting the Seminole tenants grew. While the Seminole Tribes have adopted mostly Christian based dogma, there are various views on one’s fate, destiny, or Higher Calling. This is what appealed to Cowboy Bill as well.
Taming wild animals and collecting “pets” was quite easy for the boy. His deep rooted appreciation of nature, wildlife, and especially the Alligator, earned him the name “Cowboy Bill”. He decided that his predetermined course for his life was to eventually move to Florida and live amongst the Seminoles. However, his older brother, Jedidiah repeatedly let Bill Jr. know that it was senseless to strive so hard to fulfill a stupid dream and that his main priority was to make a good living. Cowboy Bill adamantly explained to his annoying older brother, “You’ll see, one day I will move to one of them there reservations in Florida and live peacefully with the tribes and gaters”. However, his brother was not interested in Bill Jr’s grandiose ideas, so in 1987, he and Jedidiah set out to travel all of Vermilion Parish in search of their destined fame and fortune. Complete with his animal like telepathy and lack of fear for the “gator”, Cowboy Bill became the coming attraction to annual fairs and farmer’s markets. Everyone enjoyed seeing the gator-taming young redhead with the six foot lanky frame, including Tallulah Thibodaux. After a very brief courtship, Cowboy Bill made Tallulah his wife in the fall of 1990.
Cowboy Bill and his raven-haired petite wife established their homestead in the quaint unincorporated town in Vermilion Parish. Naturally, life was difficult for the young couple. Bill Jr continued to try and work roadside parks, river docks, annual fairs, and Native American villages for tourists. Nonetheless, the shows were starting to fall onto the endangered list. He was always reminded by his loving Tallulah that she “would live in a cardboard box” just as long as she was by his side. It was during this time that Cowboy Bill learned the treacherous art of the Head Trick, which is known as the most dangerous stunt in alligator wrestling. While holding the reptile's jaws apart, an alligator wrangler (or wrestler) slowly inserts their head between two rows of 40 razor-sharp teeth, top and bottom. Bill Jr made this trick his claim to fame and promised his beloved Tallulah that their lives will be changed with influx of monetary wealth. Unfortunately, society’s yearning to see old time alligator shows were dying with the surge of Animal Rights. Income slowly dwindled and so did the marriage. “Bill, you need to get a real job! This is ridiculous!” Tallulah started increasingly displaying her disappointment, as well as her drunken tirades. With their meager earnings, the couple decided to move to St. Augustine, Florida, where Cowboy Bill...

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