Dreams In J. Otsuka’s When The Emperor Was Divin

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A beautiful day in your Berkeley, California community and you're out running errands. The sun is shining softly while a faint breeze keeps the heat from becoming even remotely noticeable, creating the kind of perfectly balanced weather you've only read about in a "Come to California" brochure. Walking out of the post office, a peculiar sign catches your eye. Your heart breaks. The world as you know it is forever changed by the print you read. You rush home and begin packing all of your family's belongings. This is the beginning of Julie Otsuka's novel When The Emperor Was Divine. Set in 1942, just as the Second World War was coming to its peak, When The Emperor Was Divine examines the complications, atrocities, and humanity involved in this particular section of time in the world. The book revolves around a family, referred to only as woman, daughter, and son, during their time of imprisonment in an internment camp outside of Topaz, Utah. The father character had been taken before the rest of the family, making for an interesting look at the way individual's deal with both losing a loved one and reuniting with them. The ultimate effects of war, family displacement, and how children develop in accordance to their surroundings are just some of the themes woven throughout the details of the novel, however, the most important realization any human should come away with after exploring this novel is that of the treatment of Japanese Americans during World War II. The significance of the title can be analyzed in several ways. Its main symbolic allusion being to that of the "empirical" connotations associated to internment camps by those thousands of interned and the "divinity" that ruled over them. The captives could not say the real emperor's name because the only emperor they were supposed to be loyal to was the United States. Saying the true emperor's name would affiliate you with the enemy and you wouldn't want that. Looking at the title in this context, it can be compared and contrasted to the personal needs and dreams of individuals who were interned. The California dream is something everybody seems to strive for. A beautiful backyard where golden rays of sunshine fall all around as you prepare for a family barbeque in the middle of January are what most would consider the "California" dreams. Some, however, would say that, "The California dream - whatever its present form - draws its power from universal human needs." (Rawls, 23.) An interesting concept indeed, this is a particularly powerful theme running throughout Otsuka's novel. The universal human need to be with ones family and live in the comfort of your own home, wherever it happens to be, is the true foundation upon which all dreams are truly made of. This particular dream and the more common California dream of sunshine and beautiful coastline don't have to be mutually exclusive either. The dreams of the characters in the book are more a slight alteration of the...

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