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Dreams In The Ancient World Essay

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According to dreams in the ancient world persons light is believed to be consists of knowledge. It is believed that there are three worlds for a person one is here in the world; the other is in the other world and, third one in intermediate state which is the state of sleep. The intermediate state helps the person helps the person to see both the states.“On being born hat person assuming his body, becomAes united with all evils: when he departs and dies, he leaves all evil behind”(p125). The intermediate state does not have any roads; no joy’s no happiness’s but himself.
The dream magic of ancient Egyptians give great amount of importance to dreams. They believe that divine powers made known through dreams, and there is another world because of the dreams they see while asleep. The people who see meaningful dreams and have the power to interpret them were given higher power in Egypt, sometimes they are given gifts, and power to rise to higher honor. Ancient Egyptians believed the future is reviled through dreams so the magicians use various devices such as magical pictures, magical words. To obtain visions from the God they make drawings of the God , and Envelop their hand in the strip of black cloth that has been consecrated to the God and lie down to sleep without speaking a word, even answering a question.
In ancient times people were cured through dreams. The village is Nydsens in the city of Acharaca there was a cave, by nature that is wonderful. Whenever they have people who are diseased prisests from teh village sleep in the cave on the behalf of the sick people through the dreams prescribe the cure. The people should be religious and pray to Gods. Some sick people go themselves and stay in the cave for days without food. If the people give heed to their own dreams, but mostly they use the priests to initiate and council them . But for others the places is forbidden and deadly.
Dream interpretations in ancient world comes from the East part of the world both as a practice and as a science. Dram interpretations are divided in to three parts. Dreams of super beings for the protections and guidance, critics against unbelievers, or others that against his law. All this drams are believed o be sent by a high power. Dream interpretation started from Egypt it spread all over the east to the time of Mohammed. It was believed that “dreams are a portion of prophecy”( p132). Mohamed who was a Muslim leader communicated most of the religious things through his dream. This has contributed a great deal in taking for dream interpretation “the earlier announcement of Muhammad’s mission, and the revelation of the first portion of the Koran which was made known to him were in a dream while a similar mode of communication cheered the disheartened partisans of Islam in the expedition to Hudaibiyah , by the promise of their triumphal entry , in the following year to the holy temple of Mecca.” (P132) according to this we can tell dream...

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