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Each new day comes with a new obstacle and new circumstances that we have to learn to face and approach. The variety of situations causes one to dictate the route they will determine to follow in order to achieve their destination. Sometimes the routes people decide to take will guide them to an awful path that can be life threating and may cause them to lose what they love most. In the novel The Great Gatsby, writer F. Scott Fitzgerald gives examples on how a dream can become corrupted by ones focus on acquiring wealth and power. Fitzgerald uses a character, Nick Carraway, to illustrate the sequence of events that make Jay Gatsby’s life miserable through some of the poor choices he made ...view middle of the document...

Jay Gatsby grew up as James Gatz on a farm in North Dakota. Gatsby meets a guy named Cody, a millionaire; Gatsby becomes Cody’s best-friend and right hand. When Cody dies he leaves Gatsby some money but Gatsby doesn’t get it. After working with Cody Gatsby realized that he was going to dedicate his life to achieve wealth. Although he always wanted to be rich and have power his main motivation on acquiring his fortune was Daisy. He met Daisy days before leaving to World War I and he fell in love with her but he had lied to her about his own background status to convince her that he was good enough. Daisy then promised to wait for him but later married Tom Buchan because they were both from the same economical background. Years later Tom and Daisy are unhappy with each other, because tom is having affairs in the city while she remains loyal at home, he was really never in love with her.
After the war Gatsby dedicated himself to winning Daisy back. He achieved one of his goals which was to become rich by participating in organized crime, selling illegal alcohol and trading stolen securities. Gatsby buys a palace right across from Daisy’s house. Since Daisy was married, Gatsby asked Carraway to set up a tea party at his house in order for them to see each other again and reunite. In the beginning it was awkward for them to start talking but after a couple of minutes together they poured their hearts out. Gatsby invites daisy and Carraway to tour his mansion and then he goes through some of his new clothes that Daisy say’s “it makes me sad because I’ve never seen such beautiful shirts before”92 Daisy and Gatsby start to see each other and Gatsby want’s Daisy to tell Tom they never loved each other so Gatsby and Daisy can start a new life together. On a very hot day Gatsby visits the Buchanan’s with Jordan and Carraway. Tom see’s that Daisy and Gatsby are in love with each other. Everyone drives into New York together and get a suite at the Plaza hotel. Tom and Gatsby get into a fight and Gatsby asks Daisy to say that she never loved Tom and she did at first but then Tom reminded her of some of the memories they made and so there was no way she couldn’t of love him. Tom accuses Gatsby of being a criminal and confronts Daisy of some of the facts he has dug up from some of the illegal sells and now Daisy doesn’t want to leave Tom anymore. Tom knows he has won so he sends Daisy back home with Gatsby in Gatsby’s car, daisy drives, and on the way back she hit’s and kill’s Myrtle Wilson who happens to be Toms lover. Daisy doesn’t stop and Gatsby finishes driving her home and he hides the car. Gatsby has trouble admitting that he has lost daisy and he waits outside Daisy’s house all night but she doesn’t come out to see him. Myrtle Wilson’s husband, George Wilson, finds out the address from tom and believing that Myrtle was sleeping with Gatsby and that Gatsby was the hit and run...

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