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Dreams, Nightmares, And Those In Between

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Every night is the same. I find myself standing alone in an elegant ballroom. The walls are made of mirrors, all of which reflect each other, creating the illusion of a never-ending hall. The floor is made of marble tiles the color of glacial ice, and is rivaled only by the beauty of the black obsidian arches that hold the ceiling above me. The ceiling is like that of the Sistine Chapel, the dome painted with likeness of angels and demons, all of whom are restless and reaching for the single open skylight in the center of the ceiling. In the center of the room stands a single wooden chair. I walk towards it, my bare feet sticking to the frost covered floor. Slowly I lower myself into the ancient looking seat, eagerly waiting what is going to happen next. Once I am settled in to the wooden chair, I wait for what seems a lifetime, but only a few seconds have passed.
Suddenly, without warning, the lights go out, leaving only the moonlight coming in through the ceiling, which causes a soft blue glow to come from the floor around me. I glance around with a knowing smile. From inside the darkness comes the hum of music. It is just a whisper. The song is both sad and happy. Mournful, yet at the same time joyous, somehow unknown but memorable: all of these things and more.
“Have you come for the show?” said a barely audible feminine voice from the darkness behind me. I turn hoping to see her; but all that’s there is the darkness unyielding to my eyes.
“I have,” I say turning back around. My eyes attempt to adjust to what little light is coming from the illuminated floor. Then I see her.
She stands there- only a few feet away- just out of arm’s reach. Her lithe like figure sways to the music as if she and it were one and the same. She stands on long delicate legs, her pale skin covered in a dress the color of night. It shifts from the cold blues of the winter to the warm purples of summer. On her wrists and ankles hang intricate bangles made of silver. They are loose enough they click together but will never fall off. Her hair, the color of freshly fallen snow, is braided into a single ponytail that falls...

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