Dreams Of Equality Essay

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Dreams of Equality
Ever since Martin Luther King Junior was a young boy, he knew he wanted to aid African Americans achieve equality. Martin Luther King Junior lived during a time when African Americans were not treated with respect. “Inequality was everywhere apparent and racism rampant in many sectors of society when a young preacher from Atlanta, the latest in a family line of ministers, joined- infact, helped launch- ‘the movement”’ (Sullivan 47). When King was only six years old he had his first encounter with segregation. King and his best friend were forced to attend different schools because Martin Luther King Junior was colored and his friend was white. Unfortunately, this meant that King and his friend would not be allowed to see each other due to their ethnicities. Martin Luther King Junior’s father was the reverend of their local church down the street. One day, Reverend King and Martin Luther King Junior went shopping for a new pair of shoes, but were thrown out of the store because of their ethnicities. America was greatly changed by the teachings of Martin Luther King Junior.
The influential speaker, Martin Luther King Junior, changed how American citizens view civil rights. He even motivated other African Americans to stand up for what they knew was right and just. For example, Rosa Parks, an African American, was riding home from her occupation on the public bus, and wanted to end segregation. She refused to give up her seat to a white man. Rosa was arrested and the protests began. Martin Luther King Junior and other civil rights leaders banned together and supported the peaceful struggle against the injustices. The civil rights leaders created thousands of flyers and told the African Americans to stay off of the busses on the date of Rosa Parks’ trial. The bus boycott was extremely successful, not one African American rode on a bus that day. Furthermore, Martin Luther King Junior became an inspiration for equality. He was elected president of the Montgomery Improvement Association. As president, he wanted to emphasize that their protest was going to be peaceful, not destructive or violent. King received death threats, hateful, harmful messages as a result of the protests. His house was bombed, but luckily his wife and child walked away unharmed. As one...

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