Dreams Or Reality: Rome And The Gate Of False Dreams

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Aeneas’s journey to establish a new home was a difficult and arduous task. At every turn Juno was throwing another obstacle in his way, trying to prevent Rome from ever being established to save Carthage. Aeneas was dedicated to his mission, even with all of the trial and continued on. During his journey, Aeneas had to undergo a task that few heroes ever attempted. He had to travel to the underworld. Before Aeneas can depart from the Underworld to continue on his journey, he is shown a parade of his descendants, the future city of Rome and the outcome of his hard labor. He is shown Romulus, the founder of Rome; he is shown Ceasar Augustus, “who shall bring once again an Age of Gold” ...view middle of the document...

He had to escape from a cyclops by hiding in the wool of the cyclops’s sheep. Aeneas almost did not survive, because of this encounter. Aeneas also lost his father on the journey. Even when Aeneas and his men thought they had found rest on Carthage, misery and destruction occurred. the men were just looking for rest on Carthage, they never expected for Didio to fall in love with Aeneas and kill herself because she could not have him. With all of these misfortunes occurring.
I think Aeneas had doubts in his mind that he would even be able to reach Italy let alone establish what would turn into a giant empire. “So hard and huge/ a task it was to found the Roman people” (1.48-49) that it is not unimaginable for Aeneas to have doubts about his ability. Around his men Aeneas “feigned hope in his look, and inwardly/ contained his anguish” (1.285-86). Aeneas needed to feign hope just to continue on his journey. He had to pretend that he believed that they would make it Italy just so his men would not give up hope. When Aeneas traveled to the Underworld, none of his men came with him so if he had an doubt about the future it would probably be shown then (6.356-360). His doubt then was shown through his choice of gates.
Aeneas could also be seen as rejecting the fate of Marcellus not only for himself, but also...

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