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Dunaway 1Tiffani DunawayMrs. FountainDual English7 October 2014Dress CodePicking out an outfit is an exciting aspect of high school. Hoping to combine the perfect outfit is a dream most girls have, but schools continue to place stricter guidelines as to what is and is not acceptable to wear to school. Teenagers use clothes to express themselves, and their ability to express what they like or what they feel has slowly been taken away over the years. Dress codes have negatively affected students because students can focus more on the dress code rules and less on their actual class assignments. Although some people think a dress code helps students learn more efficiently, dress codes only limit ...view middle of the document...

The first case, Tinker v. Des Moines Independent Community School District 1969, sided with the students. In this case, a student wore a black armband to school, which showed support to the Vietnam War. The school suspended the student because the school had recently implemented a new rule banning those armbands, but the student refused to remove it. The Court ruled that students and teachers are still allowed to practice their first amendment rights at school. The only way that these freedoms can be infringed upon is if the act or item is a distraction to others work or their discipline. Another case is Bethel School District v. Fraser. In this case, one student delivered a speech to his peers and referred to another student in explicit ways. The court decided that schools have the right to set a standard for appropriate speech in school, and that schools can suspend students for breaking this rule (Scibetta).Dress codes are more focused on what a female wears and less on what a male wears. A male can walk into Athens High School wearing the popular brand shorts, Chubbies, and not be asked to change even though he is clearly out of dress code. Mrs. Charles, an administrator, stated that it is all about the appeal; short shorts on men do not bring the sex appeal to women as short shorts on women do men. Lilli Conway, a senior at Athens High School, came to school in an extra large t-shirt that fell just at her knees, so she was in dress code. But the administrators sent her home because what she was wearing looked funny, despite the fact that she was in dress code. These rules are difficult to follow if students are still being sent home regardless if the person is in dress code or not. These rules are also unfairly enforced among the students. If any female wears a dress or skirt, she will walk around all day in fear of being asked to come to an administrator's office and have her leg measured with a ruler, which is fairly demeaning. A body is a body, not an object to be measure. This is a distraction itself because taking a person out of class takes away from their time to learn It is also discouraging to honestly think that an outfit is in dress code then have an administrator state that the outfit is distracting, weird, or not in dress code at all. The only two options if the dress code is broken are calling a parent or getting in school suspension. Also, when an administrator takes students out of class for breaking dress code. Teenagers often use the outfits they wear to express them and to build relationships with people similar to them. Clothing items can reveal a lot about personality, beliefs, and groups an individual may support. School is one of the first places that a person will meet their friends, and if their expression is limited, how can people connect based on a first impression? (Swafford)In 2014, Athens High School changed the dress code, but in an attempt to make the rules more lenient, they became more of a burden....

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