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Floating And So Much Water Essay

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In the stories floating and So Much water so close to home, two women in emotionally abusive marriages start to realize the type of non-loving relationships that they are in, they both start to see their husbands for what they really are and began to analyze the situations they are in. The authors Karen Brenman and Ryamond Carrer show the emotional abuse that the female characters go through by the use of dialogue, and the narrator's observations. In both stories the male characters show their verbally abusive qualities by the way they place commands and putdowns onto their wives. The narrators on the other hand are used as observers and make conclusions about each husband upon reflecting about the way each man ignores and mistreats her.The first husband in Floating is introduced to the reader through the observations of the narrator. She opens the story by talking about how good it feels to "float" and to finally have this freedom for the first time in her life. She states, "In my own room I realized that I could float, simply by willing it. I ascended from the ground and spread my arms like an archangel's." (234) When she describes herself doing this there is a tone of utter happiness and the reader can tell that she is at peace and enjoying herself. The narrator's moment of happiness is interrupted by the callous thoughts of her husband. While she is looking at her shoes she remembers her husbands hurtful words about them, "they look like nun's bowling shoes according to my husband."(234) This sentence is told after she talks about how they were her "new black boots," meaning than they were of importance to her yet her husband could not realize this and instead took the opportunity to make her feel bad about something which was special to her. This same thing occurs again in the story when the narrator, who is very much, impressed with her new ability of floating. She wants to show her husband this one quality that is especially impressed with. As she is floating by she yells, "look what I can do!" in a very excited manner. He then "shook his head. He wasn't shocked, but annoyed." The author described the women to be at such a joyful state while floating and illustrated as an amazing act, but the way her husband responds to each of these events that are of importance to her, gives great insight into the relationship between the couple. His response to her floating demonstrates how he ignores her and has no interest in her.As the story progresses the reader become much more enlightened about the husbands extreme disregard for the wife's feelings through many comments which he makes to his wife. While the narrator sits in her room the husband enters and tells her, "Dinner is served, he says sarcastically."(236) The narrator tells us that he says this in a sarcastic way to give some understanding to the way she is treated. If a simple comment like telling his wife that dinner is ready cant even be done in...

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