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Drilling for oil in Alaska may affect the wildlife, but it is a good thing to do because our government well make money and get out of depth. Are you tired of paying high gas prices every time you got to fill the tank? Do you know if the U.S would let shell oil company drill for oil in Alaska you could kiss those high gas prices good byes? The resin they say we cannot drill there is because it would affect the wild life. But in my view the wild life that lives there has plenty of land to move to once they started to drill.
In this paper I am going to give you many resins of why I think we should drill in Alaska. I am going to tell you the good things it will do for the government and for the U.S people in general. I am also going to tell you why some people say it is a bad idea. I will tell you how it well effects the land and the people and animals that live in the region. At the end of this paper I would like for your thinking on this topic to be more in detail and easier to pick

One of the biggest resins I think they should let us drill in Alaska is because of the shortage we have in oil. Do you know we waste trillions of dollars on getting oil from overseas when we could be getting it from our own lands? “If President Clinton wouldn’t have signed the wilderness society demands and vetoed 1995 legislation, we would be producing a million barrels a day from ANWR right now” (Mark, 2012). In fact the Alaska continent already has a pipe line that runs through it, so I think that there shouldn’t be a problem to start using the line again. “TAPS witch was opened in 1977 is over 4’in diameter and stretched 800 miles from Prudhoe bay in the artic to Valdez bay in the gulf of Alaska” (George, 2012). The question bought this pipe is that well it be able to handle all the oil that the plants well be pumping out but knowing that the pipe is 4’ wide I would expect it to handle it. “Even at the oil production height in the 1990s the Prudhoe Bay oil fields and its satellite fields along the coast could not send more than 2.1 million barrels down the pipe line a day.” (ceo, 2012 )
If we drill in Alaska it would also lower our gas prices vary dramatically. “If we started to drill in Alaska now buy summer of 2014 our gas prices would be down 35%.” (James, 2012). Many Americans do not want to drill in Alaska, but then they argue that our gas prices are way too high and there is no resin for it. But there is a resin for it one you won’t let us drill in Alaska and two all the oil that we do get comes from overseas and when we get oil from there we don’t just pay for the oil itself we haft to pay to get it across the sea also. Many people say why don’t we just go in to nuclear power? But that well even be a bigger conflict because it takes a lot of room to make the plants and we take a chance to have a nuclear explosion. “Trying to build new nuclear power plants, and blanketing thousands of square miles with wind mills and solar panels well take many years...

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