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Drilling Into Hell Essay

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There is the potential for big profit in California's Monterey Shale. This profit would come from fracking: A newer method of oil drilling that would allow oil companies to obtain oil that was previously out of reach. Fracking is the process of shooting water and chemicals at extreme pressures down a pipeline to create tiny fractures in shale rocks “Figure 1” that would release oil. (Dangers) Many people have raised protest against oil companies, such as farmers, citizens, and politicians. If the people around the united states are protesting what oil companies are doing, than the results are not to be desired. California has oil in Monterey shale, oil that the big industries want to ...view middle of the document...

By destroying low level organisms in the ecosystem, the effects would spread and affect the entire environment.
Another problem that would affect california's environment is the byproducts of fracking. This includes waste water which contains all of the toxic chemicals as well as the oil that has mixed with it. The waste water is stored in wells, at the actual site of the well, or it can be stored in off site pools that are open to the air. If these chemicals were allowed to enter the environment through these means they would obliterate any organisms that contacted them. Additionally because the water is transported to the sight, spills can occur before the water even reaches the site. (Potential) Methane gas, a by product of fracking is a major greenhouse gas. In Weld County Colorado, four percent of the methane produced by the fracking wells is let into the atmosphere. according to NOAA scientists, Weld County wells emissions were equal to those of around three million cars. (Potential) Not only would fracking badly affect california's environment, but it would also contribute to immensely to global warming.
The results of fracking can harm California citizens. In New York, peoples tap water darkened and began to bubble. (Health Impacts) this clearly shows that the fracking industry is not as safe as oil companies say it is. Fracking is a threat to public safety. California cannot allow an into california which will pose a severe threat to its citizens. “Figure 3” Examples compiled by the citizens of pennsylvania show the extent of the damage that fracking...

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