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Turning eighteen is the dream of teenagers. They are consider an adult, and are free to make their own decisions. This mean voting, buy cigarettes, drive, get tattoos and body piercing without having an adult by their side. In the United States, eighteen is consider an adult, but consuming alcohol at that age is not. It’s too young of an age to consume alcohol for their body, as in other countries like Europe, it is okay to consume alcohol at a young age.
Almost every country in the world have a drinking age. As though there are some pros and cons to this, but every country is different and have their own point of view with the drinking age limit. In 1971, the United States minimum age was eighteen, but they needed to cut down on drunk driving and raised the law from eighteen to twenty-one. “Proponents of lowering the minimum legal drinking age (MLDA) from twenty-one argue that it has not stopped teen drinking” (Heath, Dwight B.). As in Europe, their drinking legal age is eighteen. During family meals parents would give their children small amount wine. “Parents educate their kids about alcohol and rob drinking of its taboo allure, which can make rebellious teenagers sneak off to basements and backwoods to binge drink far away from adult supervision” (Heath Dwight B.). Educating children while they are young can help make smart decisions as they grow older. “Throughout Europe, anyone eighteen or older can drink any type of alcoholic beverage they choose. Other many countries have even lower legal drinking ages like France and Italy have a minimum age of sixteen, Switzerland allows fourteen-year-olds to drink beer and wine but not hard liquor, and Poland has no minimum drinking age at all” (ProCon.org). Although Heath isn’t the only one who thinks the drinking age is not a big deal. Jason Gibbs the spokesman from Vermont Gov. says “Philosophically, it’s difficult to reconcile the nation that you can enlist in the military, serve your country, got to war, but no go into your local pub and get a draft beer”. This isn’t to get teens drunk but to educate and teach them how to drink responsibly, like going out and have a drink or two with friends at a bar.
It is illegal to purchase and drink alcohol for teenagers in the U.S, but it have not stopped underage drinking. “Instead of doing their drinking in a controlled situation, going to a bar with a drinking limit or something, they’re doing it at keg parties in places that are harder to control” (Alex Koroknay-Palicz). Anyone under the age of twenty-one would rather drink in unsafe environments to have fun and get drunk. Since most Europeans have started drinking at a younger age, when they do drink, it’s not to get drunk, but for them to have a good time with friends and family. “Europe’s drinking culture preaches moderate responsible alcohol intake” (Hanson). The intake of alcohol at any age can go either way, but mostly effects in a negative way.
The United States and eleven other countries...

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